Flattering heights

High leg bodysuit

It may be nothing but a number, but height matters.

Otherwise sour compliments that often contain sentences such as “oh, of course it fits you so well, you are so tall…” wouldn’t exist.

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On the wall

Granny shoes

Granny Shoes in Pink and White

Granny shoes may be the greatest comeback since All Saints

Because, FYI, All Saints have a new song and it’s pretty much everything you’d expect from them 19 years after they released Never Ever.

Granny shoes are the kind of shoes you kinda feel obliged to kinda hate, but deep within your stylish soul you go: oh well, damn, if Céline says jump, I say “how high?! So let’s kinda try them.

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Roadtrip vibes


We’re traveling to Spain next week. Countdown has just started! #roadtripgoals

On Monday we’ll be flying to Barcelona where we’ll pick our Jeep (whoop whoop)! Then in 7 days we’ll visit Zaragoza, Logroño, Bilbao, Santander, San Sebastián and Pamplona. It’s going to be SO amazing – and we’re gonna have so many tapas and pintxos!

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On the wall

Cracked amnesia

Changes Monochrome

In less than one month I’ll be leaving my role as Head of International Communications and -not literally- jumping off a cliff. I’ll be moving permanently to Berlin and stop seeing all the beautiful people I’ve got to meet and love in Munich during the past year.

This is the second time I do something like this so it doesn’t really feel new. But 2016 is taking my most adventurous side out, so I’m embracing every second.

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The rise of Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez Bronze

Last week I went to meet my boss at a super cool and quiet secret place called Laden in Joachimstraße here in Berlin Mitte -which I can 100% recommend if you don’t know what to do in Berlin on a rainy day-.

I passed in front of one of those super cool menswear stores in Torstraße and saw a guy with amazing hair and Nike Cortez. I had to laugh, but not because I don’t find Cortez awesome, but because of the name we -Spaniards- had for them back in Spice Girls times. We used to call them puntapollas, which translates into dickheads or dickies. I bet you get why.

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Lifestyle, My Fair Hair

Bitch burnt my hair and it took me a year to fix it


A bleaching got my hair severely damaged about a year ago. And after that, and together with the precarious quality of the Berlin tap water, my hair just got fried. As in, deep fried.

Living with burnt hair is an unnecessary misery. So I’ve decided to share my horrifying experience with you all in case you eventually run into the same situation and just don’t know what to do or need some moral support.

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How I went from casual to power dressing in 8 months


Some people think that dressing up too much -also commonly called “overdressing”- is a sign of you wanting to desperately look superior than everyone else in the room. I don’t stand for this b*&%$@it though. I believe you should get your strength from the things that make you feel like the very best version of yourself. And if fashion can play the part, then why wouldn’t you give it a go?

If I was to write a manifesto about power dressing, this would probably be the preface.


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Sin categoría

Best DIY Bralette tutorials ever

DIY Lace Bralette

If you’re a bralette enthusiast -same as I am, even though they tend to remind me of this– you will probably find these three DIYs SO handy.

Yeah, I still believe someday I will wake up having a fashion empire the size of Victoria Beckham’s. Then I will recall this very moment when I decided I was gonna create bralettes from scratch and will think: oh girl, you made it.

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The Banjo Beats

Banjo Beats: No harm is done

I’ve ultimately been so much into this song that my neighbours are starting to wonder if something happened to me. As in, “wow have you seen Yazmina or heard from her? There’s this song playing in an annoying loop for days in the building and the music’s definitely coming from her place! Should we like, call the police or something?”.

Dear neighbours, NO HARM IS DONE – YET!

Just play this beat by Christine and The Queens one more time, listen to the thrilling -yet inviting- lyrics and everything will be fine.