Varsity dreams


The heat in Berlin makes me vulnerable

I came across a couple of pictures that made me feel an unprecedented nostalgia. And I say unprecedented because I never wore varsity clothing in my younger years.

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The skin I'm in

Aesop Skin care routine

Aēsop skin routine

I’ve become one of those people who consume cosmetics by the aesthetics of the packaging

Ya know, somewhere in my brain, the quality of a product is directly proportional to the beauty of its branding.

Of course then there’s the slight possibility that my skin may be allergic to parsley seed bottled in a sophisticated amber container. BUT that’s a risk I have to live with.

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Hey Woman!

If I showed a picture of Veronika Heilbrunner to my best friend and I dared to say I love her style, Nira would go on a rant against me right away. I’d probably attempt to fight back, but ya know, I can’t beat a Spanish red-haired with a temper.

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Scandinavian Kitchen accessories


We’re true low-cost Scandinavian interior design addicts

So when we moved from Milan to Berlin in August 2013 and encountered an empty place, we didn’t think it through and furnished the entire apartment with IKEA stuff. We needed it quick and simple. No decoration at all: just functional furniture hanging around randomly.

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The Banjo Beats

Habits of my Heart

Being a blogger again makes me feel cozy AF

That’s why I have the same playlist on repeat since the 1st of April.

Today I’m sharing with you “Habits of my Heart” by James Young. The lyrics sorta make me feel like I’m trapped forever in that sketchy red room from 50 shades of Grey, but if I forget about them then I’m warm and fuzzy and in love again.


On the wall

Skin reveal

Black and white skin reveal

Is popular culture making us forget about the skin we are in?

I feel like it ultimately is.

How we decide to reveal it is a decision that comes to us only. And though we will probably never break the internet, it’s a slow-paced movement I intend to live by.

On the wall

Canyon pink

Canyon Pink

Contemplate the grownup version of your favourite summer peach

I’ve recently come across multiple signs that point at canyon pink becoming a hit for intimates and swimwear in no time.

A hue that’s intrinsically warm, it combines the sun bleached semitones with some more elemental, fiery shades like red and brown.

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The Banjo Beats

We Were Here

We were really here

Oh, love, it changes shapes; it glows in many shades
We won’t be gone as long as our echoes resonate
We need no photographs; the past’s not only past
I find us everywhere and that’s how the magic lasts


Basic perfection


Is it just me or does everybody else have issues finding a good basic white tee?

Every new season marks the beginning of what I like to call “the hunt of the basics”. It consists on checking on the quality of your old basics to then realise you eventually have to rebuy most of them.

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The Banjo Beats


Nothing’s right before is wrong

When the miles extend
When I can’t pretend anymore
When my power bends
When I’m face to face
With the dust on the floor
Life is never fair
None of us can see beyond our eyes
I am always scared
Oh but I always ride