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  • Lifestyle

    9 things I’m finding romantic AF

    Uninvited St Valentine’s Day Vibes According to my friend Debbie, today’s word of the day is “Romanticising”. “Why is it that we tend to romanticise everything, or just specifically, the stupidest of…

  • The Banjo Beats

    If I had a gun

    Let me fly you to the moon My eyes have always followed you around the room ‘Cause you’re the only god that I will ever need I’m holding on and waiting for…

  • The Banjo Beats

    Love & Hate

    I need something, give me something beautiful I believe She won’t take me somewhere I’m not supposed to be You can’t steal the things that god has given me No more pain…

  • Art Shopping on a budget

    Art Shopping on a budget

    A declaration of intentions Shopping art is pretty much like shopping jewellery. You want it to look the best (personal, authentic and beautiful) but you maybe don’t have the background to make…

  • The Banjo Beats

    Think about you

    Heavy-hearted trouble on my mind Your words, they burn I read it twice, the way you write is different You’re cold, and it’s cruel Acting like I am someone that you never…

  • Domo Black String Sideboard

    The Black String Sideboard

    This is the story of thr black string sideboard of your dreams Someone please come and slap me for writing an inspirational post about an expensive black string sideboard cause I just…

  • The Banjo Beats


    I can feel it coming, we can never go back As the ice is melting, merging with ocean All our eyes are open and we’re looking out to sea And I’m hibernating,…

  • Interiors

    Scandinavian Kitchen accessories

    We’re true low-cost Scandinavian interior design addicts So when we moved from Milan to Berlin in August 2013 and encountered an empty place, we didn’t think it through and furnished the entire apartment with…