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    Hey Woman! If I showed a picture of Veronika Heilbrunner to my best friend and I dared to say I love her style, Nira would go on a rant against me right away. I’d…

  • On the wall

    Skin reveal

    Is popular culture making us forget about the skin we are in? I feel like it ultimately is. How we decide to reveal it is a decision that comes to us only. And…

  • Canyon Pink
    On the wall

    Canyon pink

    Contemplate the grownup version of your favourite summer peach I’ve recently come across multiple signs that point at canyon pink becoming a hit for intimates and swimwear in no time. A hue…

  • FTD White Top

    Basic perfection

    Is it just me or does everybody else have issues finding a good basic white tee? Every new season marks the beginning of what I like to call “the hunt of the basics”.…

  • High-leg cut

    Flattering heights

    It may be nothing but a number, but height matters. Otherwise sour compliments that often contain sentences such as “oh, of course it fits you so well, you are so tall…” wouldn’t exist.…

  • On the wall

    Granny shoes

    Granny shoes may be the greatest comeback since All Saints Because, FYI, All Saints have a new song and it’s pretty much everything you’d expect from them 19 years after they released Never Ever.…

  • On the wall

    Cracked amnesia

    In less than one month I’ll be leaving my role as Head of International Communications and -not literally- jumping off a cliff. I’ll be moving permanently to Berlin and stop seeing all the…

  • Nike Cortez Bronze

    The rise of Nike Cortez

    Last week I went to meet my boss at a super cool and quiet secret place called Laden in Joachimstraße here in Berlin Mitte -which I can 100% recommend if you don’t…