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Yazmina Cabrera

  • My Fair Hair

    The predicted decadence

    On socially harmless but still awkward hairdos If you know your business then trend forecasting is something that will not come to you as unannounced. If it does though, then know it’s…

  • Lifestyle

    9 things I’m finding romantic AF

    Uninvited St Valentine’s Day Vibes According to my friend Debbie, today’s word of the day is “Romanticising”. “Why is it that we tend to romanticise everything, or just specifically, the stupidest of…

  • Focus

    The itch

    On addictions that shed your skin Davide talked to me today about this one book called “Hooked” he’s been digging. It explores a topic I am as of lately exceptionally torn by:…

  • Focus

    Defeating the florals

    Some words on the art of NGAF Isn’t it just crazy when you acknowledge to what extent fear stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do? Cause seriously, isn’t an…

  • Unfinished Business

    Unfinished business

    Can we agree on this? Not because you decide to ignore something does it mean it vanishes completely. In fact, the more you work your ass off in avoiding its flare, the…

  • The Banjo Beats

    If I had a gun

    Let me fly you to the moon My eyes have always followed you around the room ‘Cause you’re the only god that I will ever need I’m holding on and waiting for…

  • Realisation Par Alexandra Dress

    The one you really want

    … but not just the one you maybe really need? I’ve been looking for a good (cheap?) alternative to Realisation Par’s iconic Alexandra dress and been really unsuccessful at it. The truth is,…