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Yazmina Cabrera

  • The Banjo Beats

    If I had a gun

    Let me fly you to the moon My eyes have always followed you around the room ‘Cause you’re the only god that I will ever need I’m holding on and waiting for…

  • Realisation Par Alexandra Dress

    The one you really want

    … but not just the one you maybe really need? I’ve been looking for a good (cheap?) alternative to Realisation Par’s iconic Alexandra dress and been really unsuccessful at it. The truth is,…

  • Moodboard The White Knot
    On the wall

    The White Knot

    Tie me up! Tie me down! I haven’t really made any official blog announcement but on the 10th June I became a mum. It’s been six weeks ever since and I still…

  • The Banjo Beats

    Love & Hate

    I need something, give me something beautiful I believe She won’t take me somewhere I’m not supposed to be You can’t steal the things that god has given me No more pain…

  • Totême Headband

    The power headband

    The one you most definitely didn’t need is back … and very soon even your neighbour’s daughter’s best friend will be wearing it too. So join this comeback before it becomes mainstream.…

  • Art Shopping on a budget

    Art Shopping on a budget

    A declaration of intentions Shopping art is pretty much like shopping jewellery. You want it to look the best (personal, authentic and beautiful) but you maybe don’t have the background to make…

  • Fanned drops by Antropologie

    The jewellery kickoff

    Words on a relationship gone wrong I have a rather minimalistic approach when it comes to styling. I live by the rule of less is more. But sometimes even I have to…

  • The Banjo Beats

    Think about you

    Heavy-hearted trouble on my mind Your words, they burn I read it twice, the way you write is different You’re cold, and it’s cruel Acting like I am someone that you never…

  • Domo Black String Sideboard

    The Black String Sideboard

    This is the story of thr black string sideboard of your dreams Someone please come and slap me for writing an inspirational post about an expensive black string sideboard cause I just…

  • Style Tips by Girl with a Banjo

    I always hit the gym with my Prada bag

    … and a few other style tips, tricks and confessions I never really told anyone. There are some things that keep the universe together: the laws of Physics, gravity, Nutella… But it is actually cheap mascara,…