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The predicted decadence

On socially harmless but still awkward hairdos

If you know your business then trend forecasting is something that will not come to you as unannounced.

If it does though, then know it’s nothing but the art of fortune telling as seen by those who anticipate what the future holds.

Let’s be clear about something. I do believe in fate. But not when we talk about fashion. Fashion trends aren’t accidental. They have a rationale, a back story that is sometimes larger than fashion itself and that is tied to, say, socioeconomics.

There is no voodoo behind a trend’s predictability. Just numbers and data that lead to highly educated guesses. And as Tay-Tay would say:


So I just need to be honest here. I fearlessly wore a scrunchie today in Berlin. 

Dude, no need to Google what that is. Here’s a picture. See:

Wearing a scrunchie was pointless, considering I had fantastic hair. But I did it for the sake of testing how it felt to do it, after my friend Csilla told me the next big shit is actually hair clips.

Now, I know I’m not inventing the wheel by wearing an accessory that was everything my cousin Lidia used to style her hair with back in the 80s and 90s. But the reality is, wearing something that is ugly AF makes me feel perfect sometimes.

As with everything in life, there needs to be a person who dares to give the first step into the abyss. Without this sacrifice, there wouldn’t be a wave that others would want to join too.

See, for it to become a trend, a couple of things need to happen.

First, it needs to be sticky good. Stay with me. “Sticky” has per se a negative connotation (the word makes me feel like I’m spending the day in the Milano underground without air conditioned). Trends will haunt you down, just like addictions do. If they’re meant to stay you’ll find yourself wearing them over and over and over and over, to a point where you’ll ask yourself: do I only own these pants?

Second, it must make you cringe once, then not. The very first time you see a trend your eyes are not used to it so you just go WTF-NO all over it. It’ll be a matter of days or weeks until you learn to appreciate that you can’t fight it: it has forever won your heart. Or at least, for the next season.

Third, if something new has the power of repetition, then get ready for it. Quoting Csilla once again: “three is a trend”.

And though not part of the list, embrace the ugly. Seriously. There’s nothing wrong in feeling a bit witty when you’re making styling choices in the morning.

As per when it is better to join a trend, if you ask me, I’d say the sooner the better. You don’t want to become one of those people who actively purchased brand new Stan Smiths a month ago.

And every time you are about to try something new, remember: IT JUST AIN’T. You’re not being the first one to do it this year. Not ever.

So yeah, Brenda, go wear that fanny pack now! It’s only like three seasons after someone else dared to for the first time since the 90s!

(Marie Murstad, I love you!)

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