9 things I’m finding romantic AF

Uninvited St Valentine’s Day Vibes

According to my friend Debbie, today’s word of the day is “Romanticising”.

“Why is it that we tend to romanticise everything, or just specifically, the stupidest of guys?”, she said, “Seriously, we know they’re not good for us and acknowledge their flaws yet still… They’re bibbidi-bobbidi-boo wonderful in our heads”.

With this out-of-the-blue quote Debbie made me remember that it’s just one week left until St Valentine’s day. How spot on, sista from anada mista!

These days it’s really sunny in Berlin and I find myself enjoying the longest strolls around the city with baby Dylan while listening to music. Keeping my head occupied with new impulses helps me get through the weeks and survive the winter.

But the most precious finding is realising how romantic AF some totally unromantic things can become when they’re given the right light. Like, say:

1. Eating microwave popcorn for lunch

2. Walking into Galleries La Fayette with no intention whatsoever to purchase anything, not even from the sale section

3. Going to a Bio supermarket that’s 3 km away just to buy some pastries. Make it back home on foot while eating them all feeling healthy.

4. Having long walks along the riverside just to watch the ducks do their thing

5. Eating Maltesers spread with a spoon as soon as the smallest inconvenience arises

6. Dancing with the stroller while waiting for the traffic light to change

7. Singing Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” song out loud while wearing my wireless headset

8. Watching the chimney channel on TV and pretend it’s actually getting warmer at home

9. Eating ice cream during the winter so besides a brain freeze I can also just catch a cold

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