A case of perpetual separation

Corduroy trousers

On corduroy

When I think about corduroy my mind travels back to the 90s.

My mom used to own a badass bomber jacket in this washed navy blue colour that even back in the days smelled like it had already spent 30 years locked in a closet.

I remember burying my face in the soft corduroy and just pant until I’d eventually suffocate. It felt protecting and comforting to say the least.

Somehow this jacket got lost during a trip to Paris. And so did the story of corduroy and perpetual separation start for me.

Fast forward and my 31-old self is shook by the fact that one can find this velvety material even in the ugliest two-sided home textiles. Call it nostalgia but my first reaction is to want to bury my face in them again like there is no tomorrow, cause corduroy means home, broda.

But this time something has changed. No trip to Paris is gonna make this home textile revisitation of corduroy vanish all of the sudden. I am gonna have to be the one who voluntarily leaves it behind. And if that means giving up on a potential yet -we know now- misunderstood feeling of protection and comfort, well then so be it.

See, corduroy is made of cords that coexist and walk together without ever touching one another. The cords, or so called wales if you wanna sound exquisite AF, are prominent, noisy, outgoing. The carved space between the cords is just too busy being itself.

Surprisingly both elements, the wale and the carved space, fit each other to perfection. But they’re just not meant for one another. So they go in parallel ways, keeping distance in pre-discussed terms of space and time. And it’s this iconic separation precisely what gives corduroy its appeal. So no harm is done.

The truth is, I’ve never hated corduroy as much as I do right now that I choose to hug it goodbye at indecent hours.

But it’ll pass. Just give it additional 30 years.

Or better not. Just don’t. Corduroy is about to be everything you’ll see and want in the next few months.

If you don’t own anything corduroy yet then chances are you’re about to welcome it in the comfort of your closet pretty soon. And if you do own corduroy, then head to eBay and sell it for like 10x its original price cause shit is about to get loose.

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  • Reply Erin Van Zante April 6, 2019 at 13:20

    I was JUST thinking about courderoy…. I actually had some of the same emotions flit across my consciousness when I came across a yard of it at the fabric store the other day. I also had sort of wondered when it was going to be making it’s reappearance in popularity- it has to be soon, if you are watching the chain of events that bring you up to about now, when cords start making that loud scraping sound between thighs…

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