Unfinished business

Unfinished Business

Can we agree on this?

Not because you decide to ignore something does it mean it vanishes completely. In fact, the more you work your ass off in avoiding its flare, the more it seems to gravitate towards you.

Watch out, stupid!”, it fearlessly screams. “I’m coming for ya!”.

Earlier this week I decided to put an end to everything that clutters my mind. The idea was solid: getting all the toxicity out of my organism to give space to a much needed feeling of relief and tranquility.

I wrote down a list of clothes, accessories, books, pieces of furniture, tech devices and people that cause chaos and (or!) that integrate pretty badly into my lifestyle. In other words: I wanted to get rid of every single potential cause of distress.

Wide pants were amongst those things I decided to put aside. And trust me, I was fairly convinced about my decision.

That is, until I once again opened my closet and saw them.

There they were. Radiant like a sunny day. Dark blue as the freaking northern night sky. But once again unannounced, Susan.

They looked me in the eyes and whispered: sup beatch, we’ve got some unfinished business.

Truth is, my bittersweet relationship with wide pants looks a lot like the way an accordion works.

When the accordion expands fully and the air fills its paper lungs, I can look at them pants and admit in relief that I don’t need them really. But everything that was full will at some point be empty. And as the accordion reaches the peak of its contraction, I clench my fists, take a deep breath, look at the ceiling and get ready to embrace them like the first time I put my eyes on them.

If you know what’s good for you, chances are you really want wide pants in your life right now.

They put a label on your lapel that immediately tells the world about your style awareness level. But let’s be honest: though slowly gaining mainstream momentum, not everybody is ready to embrace them just yet. And if just for a minute every day we’d let them in, we’d together put an end to this catastrophic trend cycle that seems to haunt us since 2013 with no tangible results.

Just close the deal. Finish that business. Let it happen. You’ll probably thank me later.

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