The one you really want

Realisation Par Alexandra Dress

… but not just the one you maybe really need?

I’ve been looking for a good (cheap?) alternative to Realisation Par’s iconic Alexandra dress and been really unsuccessful at it. The truth is, when you’re 175 cm tall, you’re massively screwed up if you want to find short dresses at the usual fast fashion retail stores. 

What can I say. Maybe most girls out there are shorter and that’s the secret reason behind ASOS Tall collection, and not just making you feel like Hagrid. 

Since I became a mum and breastfeeding is a huge part of my day (about 6 hours devoted to wrap dresses and stupidly shaped bras) I just really need cute things to wear.

Yes. I said cute.

Not chic. Not fashionable. Not stylish. At this point I just want to wear cute clothes!

Accepting that I can look “just cute” is a big deal for me. It’s sort of like a “come out of the closet” situation.

The story goes like this. In 2012 when I moved to Milan I decided I didn’t wanna wear cute summer dresses anymore because they were not the fashionable thing to do. I was devoted to turn myself into a fashionista, and fashionistas do not look cute. (I’m using italics here because those were the terms that existed in my very limited vocabulary back then. Man I had no clue.)

Lucy Williams Fashion me Now wearing Alexandra Dress

Fast forward, there is a comeback to looking cute again. And I honestly thank the gods for it

Normcore was awesome in its own peculiar way and looking ugly on purpose (oh why hello there Birks!) was also acceptable, but there was a little something missing. And I think cuteness might have been it.

But now my attempts are blocked by my height. The problem with looking cute and being this tall is that all the short dresses and mini skirts come with a side (or should I say back?) effect.
Yes, you guessed it right. You’re gonna be hoping your keys don’t fall off your hands.

And with a small kid in a Babyzen Yoyo buggy you’re gonna have the same issue as with the keys. Try picking the baby up from the stroller without letting the world know your taste for underwear.

So meanwhile I’ve succumbed to the extreme appeal of Realisation Par’s Alexandra Dress which is absolutely stunning. Not for every pocket ($195!) and definitely hard to get if you live in Europe because of the damn customs blocking your purchases every now and then.

In looking for options, I’ve found these two options which have similar appeal. They’re definitely OK for tall girls as well. Or sort of, because the ZARA dress already shrank in the laundry…

Cheaper alternatives to Realisation Par Alexandra dress

Left: NA-KD. Right: ZARA.

Pics from Creatures of Common Place and Fashion me Now.

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