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I haven’t really made any official blog announcement but on the 10th June I became a mum.

It’s been six weeks ever since and I still can’t cope with most of the things that come with motherhood. But the one thing I’m struggling the most with is being physically attached to a little person 24/7, and how everything orbits around him. EVERYTHING.

From leisure to fashion and beauty decisions, to the time I may get my coffee today. Everything is dependent on his will. Top of the list: breastfeeding.

I have to breastfeed little Dylan every two hours sharp during the day. This means I need to wear a top that, you know, MAKES THINGS EASY.

As a consequence I’m finding it extremely hard to create fancy breastfeeding-proof outfits. I don’t know if you are familiar with nursing fashion, but if you are looking for a stylish breastfeeding top you’re gonna flip back hard. There aren’t any good ones. Some cute ones, yeah – but… NO.¬†Just, NO. Seriously.

I’m contemplating all possibilities right now. I’m honestly not a huge fan of button down shirts -but they’re unfortunately a necessity right now-, and so I’m thinking about using buttonless shirts with ends that I can easily tie in a knot.

The ones above are making me blush. The options are super sexy and I could absolutely see myself using them as breastfeeding tops. Swoon!

(Images by Faithfull The Brand, SIR The Label)

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