The power headband

Totême Headband

The one you most definitely didn’t need is back

… and very soon even your neighbour’s daughter’s best friend will be wearing it too. So join this comeback before it becomes mainstream.

When was the last time you wore a headband? OK, no. Let me rephrase this question. When was the last time you wore a headband as a fashion accessory and not just to pull your bangs back when you’re doing a facial?

Aha. I knew it. Same here though.

But gurl, there’s something about Totême that just makes me wanna. I saw Elin Kling wearing Totême’s San Remo scarf as a hair accessory and then wearing Yours Headband and I just had to save it on my wishlist. Call it the power of the influencer.

Elin Kling headband

A tip, though. Before you decide to put 70 EUR on this accessory, make sure you get one for 1 EUR first to test the result.

It took me a bit of hair styling to pull it off. But now I just love it and can’t wait for all my friends to hate my look, same they did when I wore Adilettes two years ago.

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