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I have a rather minimalistic approach when it comes to styling. I live by the rule of less is more. But sometimes even I have to recognise my style gets boring just because it lacks of that special something. Let’s say jewellery, for an example.

I’ve never been as close to jewellery as I am now that I’m employed by a gemstone company. I remember my manager asking me on my job interview if I liked jewellery, to which I said yes – and didn’t lie. Then she asked if I wore any jewellery and my answer was no – true as well.

Why? Because back in 2012 my best friend Csilla told me that it’s better not to wear any jewellery at all than wearing fake one. 

So let’s put it like this: my lazy-ass brain found the perfect excuse for not making an effort. “Real jewellery is so expensive… so I might as well not even wear any for a starters”, I told myself. Expectations vs reality, gurl.

Flash forward and many unaffordable D Flawless Diamond after, I am starting to feel like it’s time for me to at least try and explore the mysteries of accessorising.

I’ll start for something sweet and feminine in the direction of these fantastic earrings by Anthropologie. Then move on to more architectural shapes, keeping it all low key.

What’s your take on jewellery? Can one not look cheap AF with affordable styles? Or do I need to sell my apartment to get myself a Tanzanite?

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