Art Shopping on a budget

Art Shopping on a budget

A declaration of intentions

Shopping art is pretty much like shopping jewellery. You want it to look the best (personal, authentic and beautiful) but you maybe don’t have the background to make an educated purchase decision.

Then you check the price tag and realise your intentions are corrupted. Your dreams of an enhanced lifestyle are over. Or are they?

Our apartment is really sleek, if I say so myself.

No. Actually I am lying. It’s not sleek. It’s just empty. I have zero pictures on the wall.

I’m very lazy when it comes to making interior design decisions. My taste changes every time I open Pinterest. Sometimes I love those sweet and cluttered frame collages. Sometimes I love a big graphic painting. So obviously making an investment is a risky action, all things considered.

I am however starting to get bored of empty walls and so are my visitors. It’s ok to pretend that the lack of art at home (and jewellery) is connected to my affair with minimalism and Scandinavian design. But honestly that’s clearly BS. I just don’t have the balls to get myself something worthy.

I stumbled upon the above paintings and I loved the colours and shapes! Would be fantastic for my bedroom. But they’re clearly out of my league. Plus my SO hates them.

Can any of you recommend a cool and affordable online art store that ships to Europe? I can’t wait to get this apartment ready for Fall. And art shopping can’t be that problematic!

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