The Black String Sideboard

GwB - Domo Sideboard

This is the story of thr black string sideboard of your dreams

Someone please come and slap me for writing an inspirational post about an expensive black string sideboard cause I just shamelessly bought a white copy from IKEA. I’m basic just like this.

When it comes to shopping for interiors, I am a contradiction. But I used to be way worse. There was a time when I was impulsive AF.

I used to buy pretty much anything cute or sweet in any color available in the store (including monkey-shaped plastic kitchen utensils in neon orange). I also had a thing for mixing up concepts like Shabby Chic and Industrial in the same square meter (clearly not on purpose). My friend Alex would call this decorating habit “patchwork”, which I guess refers to the “Gazpacho of interior design”, and he would be right.

It took me years to realise that the key to a perfectly harmonic apartment is sticking to a basic palette and an evergreen theme whenever you are about to purchase ANY home-related item. You may even wanna mix up different styles in the same room as long as you respect the basics. That way you can still keep your deco game strong without giving up on experimentation.

Design of my own

Domo (which stands for Design Of My Own) is a Swedish company that manufactures solid furniture with a timeless style. I have a sweet spot for Swedish interiors (and fashion), I have to admit.

A Pinterest darling, this simple and streamlined black string sideboard is one item that can fit into pretty much every apartment. It can soften up a room cluttered with heavy wood furniture or just be the focus in a minimalistic, all-white hall. You can pimp it with accessories, books, art, lights, greeneries and mirrors to style it and re-style it over and over again.

But still the piece will remain as what it actually is – a grid to self-expression.

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