Varsity dreams


The heat in Berlin makes me vulnerable

I came across a couple of pictures that made me feel an unprecedented nostalgia. And I say unprecedented because I never wore varsity clothing in my younger years.

It was mostly because I was never in one of those American high schools where your team has its very own branding. That really isn’t a thing in Spain at all.

In only four days I’ve probably styled all the shorts I own on multiple occasions: from grocery shopping to sunbathing at a park, all the way to hanging out with friends at a grill party or beer drinking on the rooftop.

My school sport clothes were just lame at the time, though now I find them so cool. You know those adidas tracksuits? Well, I had one in navy blue! And I’d wear it with white Nike Cortez or Kangaroo kicks. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I also never looked like the girls in the pictures above. I was a real 90s kids, ya know. The one with an absolute lack of style, greasy hair and big teeth.

Still, que me quiten lo bailao. I wouldn’t appreciate my daily trainings and my amazing fitness outfits nowadays had I had it all back then.

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