Flattering heights

High leg bodysuit

It may be nothing but a number, but height matters.

Otherwise sour compliments that often contain sentences such as “oh, of course it fits you so well, you are so tall…” wouldn’t exist.

I’ve recently come to rediscover a quintessential 80s staple that will make your legs look oh-super-long-lastic in a matter of SECONDS.

Gurl, I’m talking about high-leg cut bodysuits, which I privately prefer to call “the magic leg enhancing tool that will make your significant other(s) go wild at bed time”.

Nowadays I am just sick and tired of looking too laid-back whenever I’m not on my high heels.

I feel -and apparently a lot of women my age- that gravity is starting to bring me down (if you know what I mean). And trust me, once I get rid of my high-waisted jeans after a long day I can immediately see the need for a well-fitted high-leg bodysuit to keep me fancy while I walk semi-naked around my apartment.

Jane Fonda and Pamela Anderson weren’t famous for being the tallest women alive. Who knew people could look taller on TV? Back then, certainly not me.

Yet these two women had their butts squeezed into high-leg cut bodysuits causing an optical illusion that got me fooled for years. So I gave myself to longing for never ending legs, despite already being 175 cm tall when I turned 14.

I’m on the look now for a badass bodysuit and I’ll be sharing my findings with you really soon… Stay tuned!

Credit:, painting by Robert Roth.

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