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Granny shoes

Granny Shoes in Pink and White

Granny shoes may be the greatest comeback since All Saints

Because, FYI, All Saints have a new song and it’s pretty much everything you’d expect from them 19 years after they released Never Ever.

Granny shoes are the kind of shoes you kinda feel obliged to kinda hate, but deep within your stylish soul you go: oh well, damn, if Céline says jump, I say “how high?! So let’s kinda try them.

We came back from our roadtrip a few hours ago and had a slight delay in Barcelona. So I took the chance to check on my secretly-loved and oh-so-precious Spanish magazines from all times: Cuore and Stilo.

I may have a fancy taste for fashion magazines but when it comes to Spanish titles I totally lose it with these two.

They’re the kind of cheesy papers you hide inside Vogue Paris Collections while you lay by the pool.

But I hereby shamelessly admit this: I LOVE THEM.

I stumbled upon a product placement by this company called Loéil I never heard of before. It’s a super cool fashion concept for perfectly on-point minimalistic clothing and accessories on a budget.

Yeah, you read it right. On. A. Budget.

Go check it out. Refinery29, Style Caster and WhoWhatWear endorse it…

Check more inspiring images in my Pink Dreams board on Pinterest.

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