The rise of Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez Bronze

Last week I went to meet my boss at a super cool and quiet secret place called Laden in Joachimstraße here in Berlin Mitte -which I can 100% recommend if you don’t know what to do in Berlin on a rainy day-.

I passed in front of one of those super cool menswear stores in Torstraße and saw a guy with amazing hair and Nike Cortez. I had to laugh, but not because I don’t find Cortez awesome, but because of the name we -Spaniards- had for them back in Spice Girls times. We used to call them puntapollas, which translates into dickheads or dickies. I bet you get why.

I stared at his sneakers while I was going through this mental process for like, I don’t know, way too long to be considered normal. He looked at me strange like: gurl? Mind ya business!

I continued walking. I was seriously imprinted on those Cortez.

There was a group of guys in front of yet another menswear store. One of them had obviously seen the whole thing. He was smiling at me from the distance. As I approached them, he moved forward and pointed at my (also Nike) sneakers, saying with a dreamy man voice and a Will Smith smile: I love your kicks.

As weird as it may sound, this compliment made me feel more flattered than receiving a nasty comment about how tight my dress is while I’m dancing at a club.

I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about getting myself a pair of Nike Cortez. I’ve noticed them in a couple of editorials recently and need to get them before they get as mainstream as good old Stan Smiths. Still unsure about the style though… but I may go for the bronze or the white ones! Which ones do you like the most?

Nike Cortez Bronze Collage

Nike Cortez White Red Blue

Nike Cortez Nylon

You can get Nike Cortez these days at ASOS, Office Shoes and Nike.

Credits: Mikutas, Sabrina Meijer on Vogue Germany, Natasha Ndlovu, MVB.

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