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Bitch burnt my hair and it took me a year to fix it


A bleaching got my hair severely damaged about a year ago. And after that, and together with the precarious quality of the Berlin tap water, my hair just got fried. As in, deep fried.

Living with burnt hair is an unnecessary misery. So I’ve decided to share my horrifying experience with you all in case you eventually run into the same situation and just don’t know what to do or need some moral support.

How it all started

I had been frequenting a salon in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg every couple of months to get a super fancy hair treatment by La Biosthetique which made my hair look amazeballs in a matter of minutes.

I trusted the guys from the salon so much that I decided to let myself go and try ombre. An Italian girl performed the whole deal that day and everything looked OK when I left the place. But then I washed my hair three days later… and shit happened.

The bathroom routine became a slaughter

You just can’t imagine the mess I had run into. I couldn’t detangle my hair. I had some sort of dry ball of knots in the back of my head and it used to take me tears to get rid of it. Literally.

So what did I do? I tried every freaking hairdresser product on earth. I watched YouTube tutorials… And I went in an all-in rage of expensive treatments that costed me more money I am capable to admit here.

Did it work? No, it didn’t. 

My remedies were worse than the mess bitch caused

My hair continued to look dry as hell, but now it was getting kinda greasy too. You know how some people don’t get the difference between moisturising and hydrating? I’m one of them.

So what did I do to stop the grease and calm down all those frizzy broken hairs? Blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair after every wash to keep it at ease! Clever, huh?

Sitcom flair attacked my hair

I had to go to yet another salon in Berlin. Best I’ve ever tried so far, by the way. It’s called MU Berlin and Manu -the mighty hairdresser boss- chopped my hair in layers to make some sense of it.

LAYERS, guys! Like Britney Spears’ layers in her first album! Or Rachel’s layers from FRIENDS! It was SO 2000s it couldn’t even be called wrong. And for the first time in about six months I felt super relieved because my hair looked wonderful again.

Salvation came and he was named Manu

Manu prevented me from hydrating my hair anymore, because my scalp was getting all nasty unnecessarily. What he did encourage though was to always moisture mid to ends. Conditioner was hence a must after shampooing. And I even had to use on the same day I used my hair mask -once a week at least-.

He also asked me to stop using heating tools for a while, which was the most difficult part as I’m a huge fan of them. Because you know, those hot suckers create a vicious circle you can’t get out from. The more you think you need them to make your burnt hair look good, the worse they actually make it.

And plus, that playful new cut he’d done to me was absolutely perfect to let myself go all free and YOLO and enjoy my beautifully natural waves for a while. I had a lot of volume and a long bob.

Conclusion: if bitch gets your hair burnt, just get it chopped by a (real) professional

I know. It’s one of the toughest decisions ever. Specially after spending big money in your new hair color.

But being totally serious: if it’s really f%&ked up, you’re gonna have to do it. Trust me. There’s not a single product in the market that can possibly get your hair in shape. I’ve tried plenty of them, but they simply didn’t help me at that stage.

So embrace the chop, girl! You’re gonna feel like you’ve taken control over your life again! And possibilities are that by getting rid of those dead and dry ends the healthy mids will get boosted. And boom: you’ll be a superstar.

Stay tuned!

I’ll be writing some more beauty & hair stories soon and talking about the products that really seem to work for me!

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  • Reply Diana November 9, 2015 at 17:16

    I’m so sorry to hear that :( Thank god everything is better now!!!
    Hair can make such a difference in a girl’s mood, right? Last year I had a bad haircut, I wanted to cut my hair short but the result was so uneven that I had it in a bun for months! Then I cut it again to get it even and now I just grow it, I refuse to try short for a really long time! I also realised that hair needs one year to grow back where it was!

    • Reply Yazmina Cabrera November 9, 2015 at 19:08

      :( Yeah it was awful! The thought of having to chop my hair used to give me goosebumps. But just imagine how painful the detangling process got at some point…
      Hope you are happy with your hair length now? :)

      • Reply Diana April 19, 2016 at 10:44

        I’m totally happy with long hair at the moment and I’ll leave it as it is for now! :)

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