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Suvi Koponen VOGUE Germany

I found this fashion editorial by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer ultimately interesting when I first saw it. The balance between such colorful pieces -where mostly ochre hues in combination with chewy blues take the spotlight-, exquisitely combined with the multiple textures is so flattering!

Plus, hey. Did anybody scream fringes here? And what about Chanel backpacks looking great? And what about that awesome ethnic scarf (that may eventually be a blanket too!)? And did you too notice that Marant-we-love-you feeling?

Suvi Koponen VOGUE Germany Suvi Koponen VOGUE Germany

Suvi Koponen VOGUE Germany

Suvi Koponen VOGUE Germany

I have a thing about Suvi Koponen that’s been haunting me for ages. I still feel like she belongs to a fashion world of magic wonders where her long hair just waves gently. The rest of the times I just recall her walking uninterestedly in Paris for one of Stella McCartney’s shows.

But still. Her chop was awesome, wasn’t it?

Watch this editorial entirely: Weltoffen, Suvi Koponen By Claudia Knoepfel And Stefan Indlekofer. Vogue Germany. February 2014.

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