Begging for some black & white creepers

TUK creepers Saint Laurent Derby Oxfords

Few things in this world make me happier than black & white shoes. So after having stated this, you actually cannot blame me for going nuts about the following picture. I found it today in the Instagram account of Elle US and features @danielleprescod in T.U.K. creepers and @ruthiefrieds in Saint Laurent’s. (Yes, THE Saint Laurent’s).

Last Tuesday I saw these creepers at a very cool store here in Berlin. That day I wasn’t in the mood for shopping, but eventually I had found some high-heeled chelsea boots with Dr.Martens-alike soles for just 50 euro.

I pointed the creepers to a friend of mine who made a no-go wink with her face. I sort of made the same wink afterwards. I thought: “omg, creepers! I hadn’t seen these for months now… They are so cool… But I would look like a nerd teenager in those… Oh, still they are so awesome… S*&%, they are a bit overpriced, but so were the last VANS I bought…. Well”.

In the end I didn’t buy them. But hey, considering that I am looking for some black & white shoes, these may be an option! Any comments? Would you get any of these?

Black & White Leather Tie Pointed Toe Creeper Black and White Leather Low Sole Creeper

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