The stress of shopping expired fashion

Obsession Saint Laurent perforated two-toned derby oxford

I remember when fashion didn’t matter this much to me in the past. I used to enjoy my compulsive, non-sense shopping rages.

Those were times when style was just the headline of a print magazine that I was probably not even interested in. I really didn’t have a clue of what the hell I was doing, to be honest.

As years went by and my interest in this world continued to grow, I realized of my mistakes and started shopping wisely. However, I was not fully enjoying anything I was buying. I was aware that, by the time I was having those high-street copycat pieces in my hands, their original style was already out-of-date. Expired. Un-fashionable. Dead. It was already oh-so-20XX. And I felt awful about it.

Then the stress begun. Fashion Week became THE major outcast for style-spotting. But still, the minute I snapped those celebs and personalities wearing the same sneakers at the same event, they were already out of fashion. Someone had set up that particular trend for that day -PR placement, y’all!-, and stylists were already thinking about the next big thing!

I recall this sentence from my mum when I tried to explain her how powerless and regurgitated I felt about this drama. She said: “… dear, it’s just like when you buy a new car: the minute you put it out on the street its price goes down, even when you haven’t even used it“.

Cheezs. She had a point. And the truth is, this actually happens in fashion too. No need to explain the metaphor, right?

So all this comes because I happen to want some Saint Laurent perforated two-toned derby oxfords that are the creme-de-la-creme in Pinterest. I have seen them EVERYWHERE. Leandra Medine wore them. Ruthie Friedlander wore them. Nicole Richie wore them. Diane Kruger wore them. This girl wore them too!

Yazmina Cabrera…? Well, no: she would never spend $790 in a pair of shoes. Nor even $319 on a sale. Sorry.

What about you? Do you also feel this kind of stress when you shop?


Credits: In The Fold: Photographed by Josh Olins for Vogue UK. February 2014.

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  • Reply stylehonestly February 8, 2014 at 15:47

    I try not to stress and I am a huge thrifters and deal hunter…I love fashion but have my own style and prefer to stick to it. Thise shoes are great but I would NEVER spend that much on shoes haha.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

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