If you oughta wear a suit, do it Emma style

Emma Elwin

I have tried it. You probably have, too.

But it never worked in my personal experience. Not as it worked in Emma’s body.

Seriously, wearing a man’s suit is more complicated than texting while riding a bicycle in Berlin. And considering the fact that I can’t ride a bicycle, well, there you go.

First of all I wanna make a statement: I BOUGHT THOSE SLIP-IN VANS BEFORE I SAW THEM IN EMMA’S FEET. It’s not that whatever I see in her blog gets straight into my wardrobe… but almost.

I can’t but feel like wanting to be that girl’s sister. We could easily hate each other, but that would allow me to eventually pop by and steal her clothes directly from her closet while giving a cookie to her beautiful pug called Stella. And you know the best of it all? It would be perfectly legal: cause we would be siblings!

But all this fanatic stuff aside, let’s go back to the point: the man’s suite. Have you ever tried to wear one? Like, one that is obviously meant to be made for a woman but that lets you pretend that you are a man? And moreover, do jackets stay on your shoulders this way? Because seriously girls, it is too cold here in Germany to wear that without putting your arms into the sleeves!

Do it Emma Style

Do it Emma Style

PS. I want these for spring time. Period.

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