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New Designers: Yvonne Laufer ‘VOID – Exp No. II’

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Ethereal beauty is a concept that unconsciously popped up in my mind the minute I saw these charming -and beautifully shot- creations by Yvonne Laufer, the German-born but Copenhagen-based Fashion Designer behind the new MUUSE Editions collection.

Yvonne Laufer studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design where she graduated in 2012. A strong passion for the unknown seems to be Yvonne’s mantra when experimenting in fashion.
Ever since I found out that MUUSE had launched a brand new collaboration with an up-and-coming designer I felt very curious about the final result (specially after seeing other creations by Yvonne Laufer). This one I am bringing you today, called “VOID – Exp No. II”, is a must-see and a must-wear. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.

Girl with a Banjo: Yvonne, what was the starting point for VOID – Exp No. II?
Yvonne Laufer: I am fascinated by the world of science. It is a world that I know little about and that is surrounded by a mysterious aura. During this project I wanted to be part of this universe and adopted the role of a scientist. I created my own rules, methods and frameworks that resemble those of regular scientist.
From my fascination of plants in combination with man made objects, I conducted experiments where both components interact: Plants are growing in and outside.

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Girl with a Banjo: Could you define it in only 3 words?
Yvonne Laufer: Curious, Mysterious & Visionary

Girl with a Banjo: Is there a story behind the selection of materials?
Yvonne Laufer: I developed various laser cut techniques based on the concept of negative space. Some cut outs leave space for a second layer or another fabric, others form some kind of modern lace.
Since I used the laser cutter for most of the pieces, almost all the fabrics had to have a certain percentage of polyester in order to achieve very graphic and sharp lines. I combined these polyester fabrics with contrasting natural fabrics like wool, modal and leather which fitted the concept.

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Girl with a Banjo: What are the main techniques that have been used to create it?
Yvonne Laufer: As I mentioned above I used laser cutting for the graphic pieces, holding the draping. I laser cut the whole pattern pieces as well as decorative patterns that you can see in the dress or the hat for example. The openings in the garments leave space for the drapings and hold them in place.

Girl with a Banjo: Could you tell us a little bit about your collaboration line with MUUSE?
Yvonne Laufer: It was fun to collaborate with MUUSE. I tried to turn the essence of my last collection into wearable pieces with intriguing details. Since laser cutting was not possible this time I had to come up with another way of including the concept of an organic shape moving in and out of a confined shape. Since it is a summer collection I really wanted to use fresh colours and playful shapes. I am happy that MUUSE realized my designs and I am really looking forward to see people wearing them.

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Yvonne Laufer MUUSE Editions

Shop Yvonne’s collection here and don’t forget to follow her on Pinterest (where some really cool boards are waiting for you) and visit her website.

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