How Fashion Bloggers will revolutionize Travel PR

Do you remember Gayle Zerafa Cutajar? We featured her these past weeks in The Blogger’s Desk and Creative Minds and she told us a lot of secrets about her career as a Fashion Stylist in Malta.
This morning she uploaded a new outfit video to her Youtube Chanel and I had an idea that could be used by Travel PR people and tourism authorities all over the world. I’m gonna tell you why I believe that Fashion Bloggers and Travel Authorities can benefit from this innovative symbiosis.

It’s clearly not a secret that I have an obsession with fashion tourism. We have also spoken about how a fashion editorial that has been shot on a determinate hotel –for instance- can improve its brand awareness and increase its clients.
The potential outcome of a single fashion editorial may not be easy to measure initially. But those dreamy and inviting images are made to create an unconscious impression on those who see them. Their purpose is not only to inspire people but to push people to purchase. And just like they do with clothing and make up, fashion editorials and lookbooks can sell places and experiences too.


In the past when I was a Travel PR, one of our main clients was a Tourism Authority. We used to invite several high-end fashion magazines to the tourism destination, so that the editors could shoot their fashion stories in our multiple locations: hotels, leisure centers, streets, countryside, beaches, etc.
However, and even though the result was quite consistent (from 6 to 8 fashion stories shot in only one trip), the focus of these editorials was clearly the model’s outfit. The tourism destination was only a “background-noise”, and it was pretty tough to convince the photographer to change the angle in order to get as much “beach” or “mountain” as possible. Still the results were simply amazing.
I just remembered another example. Calzedonia’s SS12 lookbook was shot in Jamaica and Crete two years ago. On the last page of their catalogue you could see a double-spread completely dedicated to a resort that –surely– hosted the team while they were working and –possibly– gave the crew some freebies during the stay.

Calzedonia-SS12-Campaign-4 Calzedonia-SS12-Campaign-2 Calzedonia-SS12-Campaign-3Calzedonia-SS12-Campaign-1 Calzedonia-SS12-Campaign-5

Even though these pictures are stunning (and right now I am feeling like I need to go on an urgent diet to be fit again for summer), they are just static visuals. The models and the clothes get the spotlight over a blurry tropical background. The location makes you feel like you are there, but you don’t engage with the picture as much as you surely do with the following video. I totally want to be this funny girl right now.

However, watching Gayle’s video this morning felt like a lightening. I am honestly bored of personal style pictures. But what about the personal style videos that Gayle creates in collaboration with Steven Vella? And what about personal style videos FILMED IN TOURISM DESTINATIONS, such as Malta in this case?
I believe it would be absolutely beautiful, fresh, young and innovative if done appropriately. Just like Gayle does.
I think that if I had had somebody like Gayle coming to do the fashion editorials we were talking about but she had filmed videos as well, the engagement with our target audience could have been incredible. Gayle is the main character of her videos, but the environment (Malta) has a strong power as well and it’s seen in 360º. The video tells me: “I totally want to travel to Malta because it looks so cool”. And that makes me a potential Malta consumer, so, a tourist!

I believe that Fashion Bloggers could open a collaboration line with different Tourism Authorities and Travel PRs by creating exciting videos where there is a balance between themselves, fashion and the tourism destination. With the right production and by adding a tourism twist to the video, fashion bloggers could feature several themes such as culture, art, shopping, beach, nautical, wellness, sports, etc. Are you a Beauty blogger as well? Then talk to the Spa & Wellness centres and film there!
Tourism Authorities and other tourism players could sponsor and share these videos through all their Social Media channels and generate a big buzz in the local, national and international press (if their PR team is good, if it’s not, then call me). Plus, if the fashion trend is represented correctly as in Gayle’s videos, the campaign could go viral among the blogging community too. So, more eyeballs on your product!
There is an unexplored potential in this PR activity. Local fashion brands could benefit from these collaborations too working hard in their product placements. Maybe local musicians would be willing to include their own tunes in the videos. There are probably lots of things I’m not even considering here that could be done as well! But always bear in mind that the quality is the most important thing, just remember Gayle’s videos.

Gayle Zerafa Cutajar, undoubtedly a leader in this field, has brought to life a very innovative concept in terms of tourism promotion. She already has the creativity, the inspiration, the skills, the technical means, the team and the expertise to boost a tourism destination’s image all over the world. Do not forget to contact her, I’m sure she’ll be delighted to help you.

Credits: Calzedonia SS12 Campaign by Raphael Mazzucco. Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark.

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    ohhh my.. I envy you.. your so sexy and I love those sexy swim wears.. I have my last minute summer escaped next week and have the sun kissed skin. :) Travel to morocco

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    Thank you for your kind words Yazmina x

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    Great post – refreshing to read something from a different approach!

    Be great if you could check out my latests outfit posts: Givenchy Rottweiler & my Boohoo Global Styler entry.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

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