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Gran Canaria & Other Stories

I really can’t hide my excitement anymore. I almost couldn’t sleep because I wanted to see & Other Stories website and the lookbook that was shot in Gran Canaria last December!
I know I never talk about Gran Canaria in Girl with a Banjo, but truth is I am not (yet) a travel blogger so it really doesn’t make sense. However, my patriotism has bloomed thanks to & Other Stories. I mean, Scandinavian Fashion + Gran Canaria together in one website? Yes, please, give me three!
I have collected pictures from & Other Stories for you to have a feeling of what living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the capital city of the island, Gran Canaria) looks like. Most of the pictures I am showing you in this post have been shot in Vegueta, which is the old town. Some others instead have been shot very close to our wonderful 3,5 km city-beach, Las Canteras. Enjoy these pics.

& Other Stories in Gran Canaria

Apparently there is something very exotic about hibiscus (the flower). Tourists usually take them to embellish their hair while they are on holiday in Gran Canaria. And I once received a salad topped with an hibiscus flower in Paris when I was 6 years old. But hey, the whole island is full of hibiscus in every flower bed!

& Other Stories in Gran Canaria

This picture is actually at the entrance of the theatre, Teatro Pérez Galdós! My best friend used to work there. Before I moved to Milan I went to the theatre to watch a musical (The Sound of Music). I cried so much.

& Other Stories in Gran Canaria

And once upon a time we used to party hard during the Carnival month in this white park here. However, after years and years of sleeping problems, the neighbours complained and now Carnival has moved from there. Boo!

& Other Stories in Gran Canaria

This pic is taken in one of the sides of the Guiniguada ravine. When my mum was little there used to be water in the ravine, just like a river. Now there’s asphalt.

& Other Stories

The fountain on the left is SO popular there among kids, and it has always been! My grandma’s mum used to take her there to play with the water. And therefore my grandma then used to take my mum there to do the same. And then me! The office where I used to work was only 20 meters from the fountain.
Then the creepy place on the right is one of the super classical rooms of the Gabinete Literario, where my wedding party took place.

& Other Stories

I just laughed so hard when I saw the picture on the left! Do you see the yellow bus? Ok, well, buses are called guaguas in Canarias. Even the company is called Guaguas! I think it’s because of the onomatopoeia wah-wah (apparently, the bus’ horn).
I am not 100% sure but I think that the picture on the right is at Los Balcones street. I used to work there.
And now, as if you hadn’t had enough of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, now I am gonna show you the streets pavements! You will quickly realize that it has been a serious problem with the urban planning in the city. It could be that, or maybe that while they were building the streets they eventually ran out of blocks and had to change. I don’t know.
Whatever it is, the good thing is that you can actually know in which part of the city you are just by looking at the floor.
(The last three shoes are some of my favourites!)

Shoes & Other Stories

Well, I really hope you have enjoyed this small tourist guide around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Just consider a trip there anytime. The weather is super stable and warm (it’s always around 24ºC there and you can go to the beach every single day), there’s a very nice breeze, prices are amazing (much less than 9€ for a daily menu, a taxi ride along the whole city for less than 7€, accommodation could be cheaper if you would travel in May)… And this is only in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. But Gran Canaria, the whole island, has a lot more to offer. I am just leaving you a very inspiring video for you to dream!

Picture credits: & Other Stories fresh and awesome website
Looking for the best accommodation? Try this.
Awesome video by Tourism Board of Gran Canaria

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