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Gayle Fashion Stylist

Last week I had the pleasure to interview Gayle Zerafa Cutajar about her incredibly unique fashion blog. This week she is back and ready to answer some tricky professional questions for GwB’s Creative Minds section.
But what makes Gayle a Creative Mind anyway? This inspired freelance Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant & Fashion Blogger is a genuine lover of all things opulent and avant-garde. With a great eye for detail and perfection, Gayle is able to assist you in choosing the right style to feel confident, comfortable and amazing while looking stunning from head to toe. She is skilled at pairing clothes and accessories in fresh and unexpected ways, bringing organization and forward thinking to every job she does.
Gayle read for a Diploma in Image & Fashion Styling at The Design Academy, London. She started organizing fashion shoots for local magazines, helping out brides to be and personal clients to find their true selves. Having an ambitious character and wanting to further her career Gayle has also involved herself in Fashion Journalism for local and foreign magazines/websites.
Let’s meet Gayle and get a sneak peek of one of the editorials she has participated in, called Tribal Ties.


Girl with a Banjo: Could you tell us how the Fashion panorama looks like in Malta?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: I would say fashion in Malta has been doing pretty well these past few years, In May there’s Malta Fashion Week which I am itching to attend. Then there is Runway Malta which is now being held in Gibraltar, showcasing local and foreign designers. Local talent is always emerging and I am happy to say that I have had the opportunity to work with most of them.

Girl with a Banjo: What has been the most exciting photoshoot you have ever organized (and why)?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: I would say I always have butterflies in my stomach before every shoot, because I would want everything to go off without a hitch. The latest one would have to be a shoot that I am still preparing for which involves a foreign designer whom I am so happy to be working with, she creates one of a kind avant-garde headpieces which I am totally obsessed about, she is such an amazing talent. I cannot wait to reveal more later on this year.


Girl with a Banjo: Do you usually give your personal touch to the work you do? If so, how can we recognize “Gayle” by simply looking at the work you have done?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: Oh definitely I love having my stamp on everything that I do. You can recognize it because I always add an element of edge, it’s never too girly or frilly it has to have a little masculinity, a little bit of a rocker aspect but still keeping it elegant,chic and fresh at the same time.

Girl with a Banjo: As a Fashion Stylist, what is your super power?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar:
My super power is the ability to make an inexpensive outfit look extravagant.

Girl with a Banjo: Could you tell us about the advantages of becoming a freelance Fashion Stylist?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: The best thing I love about my job is meeting different people,seeing my clients transform right in front of me and the look on their faces – that is the best satisfaction I get. I also enjoy writing and fashion shoots because I can be as creative as I want and that is were I am the happiest, when I have the freedom to be artistic.


Girl with a Banjo: Would you mind sharing with us how you help people to revamp their wardrobe?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar:
This might take a while. I start by doing a consultation with my client to see where she/he wants to be, their lifestyle and body shape. Then I start to assess their wardrobe, take out everything and sort it into 3 groups – Trash IT – Keep It – Mend It. Trash it group are those things that are ill fitting, do not flatter you body shape, are out-dated or faded. The Keep IT pile are the clothes/shoes/accessories that I believe are up-to-date with that year’s trend, flatter you figure and compliments my clients’ skin tone. Mend IT group is all the clothing that is still in good condition but need a button to be mended or to be taken to the dry cleaners. Your clothes should always be mended or clean before you hang them in your closet, but unfortunately not everyone follows this. You should treat your clothes and shoes like your kids, I do :).

Girl with a Banjo: What are your plans for 2013?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: I always set my goals high. I found great support from creatives in the industry, but I feel that I have a lot more to tick off my list of accomplishments. 2013 is looking pretty good so far – I’m represented by Platinum Innovation which forms part of Platinum Love Magazine which I’m also contributing too. Fashion writer for Chasseur Magazine and local magazine Femme. Since summer 2012 I have been working closely with friend and established fashion photographer Elisa Von Brockdorff on a fashion exhibition that will be held at the prestigious St. James Cavalier end of this year, and is funded by the Malta Arts Fund. I also have a few other projects in the pipeline which I am excited about – This looks like it’s going to be a fun and busy year.

Don’t forget to head to Gayle’s Site to find the latest from the world of fashion. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

Credits: Gayle’s picture by Mark Camenzuli.
Tribal Ties editorial:
Fashion Photographer – Elisa Von Brockdorff
Fashion Designer – Sef Farrugia
Hairstylist – Christian Galea
Makeup Artist – Gabrielle Zammit Grungo
Model – Estelle Abela @

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