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The Blogger’s Desk: Gayle Zerafa Cutajar, Fashion Stylist

Gayle Zerafa Cutajar

We have a very special guest today in The Blogger’s Desk. She lives in Malta, has an extraordinary eye for visuals and, besides being a great fashion writer, she is a professional Fashion Stylist. I am pleased to introduce you to Gayle Zerafa Cutajar, the voice behind Gayle Fashion Stylist.
I met Gayle before Christmas in the Independent Fashion Bloggers Community and I knew  from the very first moment that I wanted to feature her in Girl with a Banjo. Today we are going to get a sneak peek of her working space, we are going to watch her in motion and she is going to give us some great blogging advice.
My biggest suggestion is, however, to stay tuned: Gayle Zerafa Cutajar is going to be our star in the Creative Minds section next Thursday! She will then reveal some secrets of her amazing job as a Fashion Stylist, so it is definitely a must read for those of you who want to break in the industry.

Girl with a Banjo: Was opening a fashion blog a “collateral decision” after becoming a freelance Fashion Stylist?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar:
Yes it was something that came naturally after, although at the time I was worried I wouldn’t find time to post and update it – I am a little bit of a perfectionist, I would hate to start something and not finish it. But I learnt how to manage my time and look forward to post and inform my readers what next seasons’ trends will be.

Gayle Fashion Stylist - Blogger's Desk

Girl with a Banjo: Where do you usually blog from? What makes that place so special and inspirational?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar:
I usually blog from home unless I am abroad. I decorated my space with candles, I wanted to create a zen area that helps me to focus and write. I get inspired from anything, I could be listening to a song or working-out and get an idea to do something creative.

Girl with a Banjo: Your blog has both a professional and a personal twist (and the balance between them is perfect!). What is your suggestion to people who want to include a professional portfolio in a personal blog to attract clients?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar: A blog is something personal, a place where you can be as creative as you want, were you showcase yourself, your ideas and opinions but you have to remember to be professional at the same time. Never loosing focus of who you really are or what you believe in and finding a balance between the two.

Gayle Fashion Stylist - Blogger's Desk

Girl with a Banjo: I am in love with the outfit videos you take, as well as with the locations and the themes you use. How did you come up with this fabulous idea?
Gayle Zerafa Cutajar:
I am always thinking about the next best thing, finding new and artistic ways how to interact with my readers and make it more enjoyable for them as much as it is for me. I was getting a bit bored with the usual outfit posts – having said that doesn’t mean I will stop posting OOTD’s on my blog, but now I do prefer having more video content, it is far more engaging. I like change – I am easily bored and I wanted to create short fashion clips for my outfit posts, I felt that it would be a   great idea and something totally different. Since I’ve done my latest outfit clips I had great response from readers, established websites and brands alike. I really have to thank my talented friend Steven Vella who produces these amazing clips, for supporting my idea and for being patient every time I stop to re-apply lipstick. :)

Don’t forget to head to Gayle’s Site to find the latest from the world of fashion. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

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