Mon-Fri looks for PR Girls, by Kling

The PR Girl's officewear SS13 lookbook

We, stressed PR Girls who live in the shadows of a not-so-famous press office or PR agency are the ultimate fashion warriors. And by warriors I mean real fighters: we put together astounding press materials, we create the fashion buzz, we make a simple tee look like it’s been worn by Beyoncé herself thanks to our overwhelming rhetoric, we work long hours and have to deal with a bunch of crazy people. And there is only one thing that is necessary to survive the dog days with our head high and a shiny smile (besides Starbucks): PERFECT CLOTHING.
Having to deal with numerous activities, we are obliged to show our fashion versatility 24/7. Our daily battle may include walking from the office to a showroom, having a surprise meeting at 11 am, having lunch with an editor, preparing a package with samples, flirting with the messenger to get that delivery done by 4 pm, end up at your client’s press presentation and going out partying with journalists. So comfy and nice clothes are definitely A MUST.
Now picture all the above with a super tight neoprene LBD that doesn’t let you move properly. How are you going to answer the phone with 7 different bags full of samples while you are looking for a taxi in the middle of the street? And don’t get me wrong: LBD will ALWAYS be your best friend. But are you totally sure you want to wear it for the whole week? And for the whole summer? I don’t think so.

Kling keeps surprising me with its otherwordly Spring Summer collection. But what I love the most about it is how one simple garment can be worn during the whole day and always remain fantastic and effortless for each and every occasion. I have made a selection of picks from their new lookbook, based on a daily mood: preppy Monday, pretty Tuesday, smart Wednesday, sexy Thursday and casual Friday. Which one is your favourite? Do you stick to a mood whenever you get dressed for your PR days? What do you take into consideration when choosing your look?

Preppy Monday by Kling

Dress Eightyfive by Kling | Three Straps Heel Shoes by Kling

Pretty Tuesday by Kling

Dress Chalmers by Kling (soon in stores) | Panam Salon Shoes by Kling
  Smart Wednesday by Kling

Dress Kleinman by Kling| Three Straps Heel Shoes by Kling

Sexy Thursday by Kling

Dress Greyhood by Kling

Casual Friday by Kling

Dress Levett by Kling (soon in stores)

Credits: Lookbook pictures by Kling. Monday by One Life One Chance, Tuesday by Karlsso & Uddare, Wednesday by Heart Handmade UK, Thursday by Bourbon Daisy, Friday by Filippa Egnell and photographer Magnus Anesund for Swedish ELLE Interiör. Collages edited by Girl with a Banjo.

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