Who is a PR pro?


(Cheering crowd)

Aw, thank you SO much Laura Perez for publishing this interview about the PR side of Girl with a Banjo in your amazing and super professional blog Chic Influence. I rarely talk about myself (I tend to leave that for ego-bloggers), but Laura, you have taken the best of me with your tricky questions!
Please read the interview here. It’s plain gossip about my professional career and a strike-a-pose picture of myself looking PR savvy! Do not miss this opportunity! It’s now or never!
Some of you know that I became a freelance by the beginning of this year. However, and due to family reasons, I am BACK IN THE GAME AGAIN AND ACTIVELY JOB-SEEKING while I take care of some freelance projects (and revamp the PR section of GwB). I really can’t say much about what really happens, but I might be moving in 2013 to either the UK, the US or Scandinavia. Yes: the Girl with a Banjo may become your new neighbour and best friend!
So, potential employers, please read my interview in Laura’s blog to discover what I am capable of and PLEASE spread the word: the Girl with a Banjo is looking for a job and won’t stop until she gets it!
Extra benefits of hiring me are: fresh cupcakes and carrot cakes at all times, funny conversations about chinchillas, an honest “you do OR don’t look good in that” whenever needed, exclusive premiere of all the songs I’ve ever written played with the ukelele, and most importantly, a shot of sunny-motivation when rainy days hit town. Now grab the telephone and hire the Girl with a Banjo before somebody else does it first and makes this girl happy!

Just kidding.
No. Not really. HIRE ME.

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