French Kiss the Preppy Girl

Those who know me well already know I am a Preppy Style lover and a springy-dresses junkie. In fact, even in the winter I am always trying to get the best out of my flowery garments, even when that means putting them on top of collar shirts to stay warm.
I know that Alexa Chung has been recognized for some time as the Preppy Girl. But we -old school girls- know that before she even got the spotlight there used to be another Preppy Girl, and this was -and still is- Sofia Coppola.
Looking for some Preppy Style inspiration I re-discovered Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie fragrance 2009 commercial, which by the way was directed by Sofia Coppola. Now that song (Moi Je Joue, by Brigitte Bardot) has been playing on and on for a couple of hours, and my mood has drastically change. I so desperately want spring to come so I can wear little dresses without tights, baggy shirts over high waisted pants and transparent blouses without 3 different layers on top!
And while I dream with sunny days in the middle of a snow storm in Milan, here comes a selection of items by -what has become all of the sudden- one of my favourite cute-clothing brands: Kling.

Preppy French by Kling

1: Dress Prymont (soon in store); 2: Shirt Lafleur; 3: Top Top (soon in store); 4: Baggy Shirt; 5: Heart Bag; 6: Baggy Trousers; 7: Mara Suede Heels; 8: Anna Penny Loafer; 9: Metal Bow Belt.

And my big surprise is that Kling not only has changed its brand’s logo, now when you visit the site this is what you see. Isn’t it lovely?

Kling's kiss

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