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Daily readings in PR Couture are mandatory if you want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion PR & Communications news. Yesterday morning I read the post Crosby wrote about Popbasic, the new fashion startup created by Madeline Veenstra (yes, from WikiFashion) and lots of questions came to my mind. Luckily, I had the chance to interview Madeline for Girl with a Banjo’s section Creative Minds!

But what is exactly Popbasic and how will it possibly change your shopping experience?
Popbasic is a fashion and beauty service that is pioneering micro collections, shipped worldwide without an extra cost. On a monthly basis, Popbasic will release a three-piece micro collection of fashion and accessories, specially designed by Popbasic team.
Their Beta Collection for instance costs $65 and, besides including two wonderful necklaces and a polka-dot shirt, it has a little extra that will make you smile as soon as you open your package. Yes, this month it includes a gift from Tatcha Cosmetics and Dear Kate lingerie! And in order to make this happen every month, Popbasic has partnered with beauty and lifestyle brands that will surprise you with their products!
But better read below what Madeline has told me about this amazing project.


Girl with a Banjo: Whenever I brainstorm, lots of different ideas come to my mind. However, it is often complicated to decide which of these ideas will be “The Next Big Thing”. What made you chose THIS incredible business idea over the others?
Madeline Veenstra:
That would be lovely if we are “The Next Big Thing”, but honestly I’ve just set out to make a really interesting and lovely shopping experience online. We’ve only just launched, though I’ve received such lovely feedback already from our customers.

Girl with a Banjo: I imagine that creating a collection that can satisfy the needs of different customers worldwide must be challenging. Who is actually the woman you are inspired in when creating the pieces? Is “she” real or is “she” a concept?
Madeline Veenstra:
She’s very real! In fact, I created this concept for myself. I loved the idea of receiving something so lovely, that it almost feels like my birthday everytime I receive one. Our community also has a really huge role in deciding what pieces we should include. In fact they also style our collections each month via our Style Guide.


Girl with a Banjo: Popbasic offers the possibility of creating a versatile wardrobe little by little. Could you tell us how the final wardrobe will look like?
Madeline Veenstra:
Very good question! It will be continually evolving. Though it will have the perfect mix of basics and trend items with punchy colors and prints that are easily mixed.

Girl with a Banjo: Is Popbasic planning to create micro-collections with famous designers / editors / bloggers / models… or other fashion insiders?
Madeline Veenstra:
That would be wonderful. We actually do plan on doing this in the future as special edition micro collections.


Girl with a Banjo: As a PR & Communications Specialist with special focus on Digital, I am always curious about what emerging brands do to position themselves, specially when the brand’s concept is so innovative and “out of the box”. Would you like to share with us some promotional activities or strategies that you are planning for Popbasic?
Madeline Veenstra:
We’re super focussed on building our community. So far all of our customers have come via word of mouth. We are also implementing a referral system soon, so customers can build credit towards future micro collections.

Girl with a Banjo: Some businesses focus in only one product (as the Popbasic’s monthly micro-collection), but then realize that they have to diversify in order to get a wider range of customers. Is Popbasic planning to sell multiple micro-collections at the same time to target different types of customers?
Madeline Veenstra: We are starting out with a monthly micro collection, though as we grow we will be offering multiple collections.


OH, are you curious about how the packaging that will arrive to your door looks like? Here’s a sneak peek from one of Popbasic’s customers!

Popbasic Sneak Peek

Special thanks to Madeline Veenstra for answering to all my questions so quickly and allowing me to use the pictures from Popbasic’s lookbook.
Don’t forget to read PR Couture’s post about Popbasic.

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