What did the 90’s TV series do to your wardrobe?

I don’t know about you, but back in the 90’s I used to wake up super early in the summertime just to watch a loooong list of American Sitcom TV Series. I may sound palaeontological by saying so. But Internet didn’t exist, I was too little to go out on my own and reading books was something I enjoyed doing during the afternoon.
As a little girl growing up in the 90’s I used to look at all the different characters in the TV series in search of life lessons and fashion inspiration. And even though some of us pretend to deny it, the 90’s TV series have influenced our current wardrobe for the good and the bad. Here’s what they did to mine.

Punky Brewster: Even if this series were first aired in the 80’s, its success lasted until the 90’s, when I started watching it! Punky was like the cutest girl in town, had a dog called Brandon, had a tree house and she got straight into our hearts because she was an orphan (and unfortunately that sells). Punky was a master of colour-blocking, Converse All Stars, oversized jackets, boyish style, multiple layers and PVC visor caps. Does it sound familiar, you, SS13 fans?

California Dreams: This was one of my favourite Summer series. Besides the fact that the cast was good-looking and super friendly, every chapter had great music content that made the story even more unique. You could easily smell the beachy atmosphere in the girls’ looks: colourful flowery dresses, tops + high waisted shorts (that’s super hot right now!), denim gilets, over saturated colours and effortless hairdos. That pretty much explains the content of my current wardrobe, actually.

Saved by the Bell: This was a very cool series full of great outfit ideas that would remain printed in the minds of a whole generation (myself included). The female characters’ styles were so well balanced: if you wanted to play sexy and become a prom-queen you would look at Kelly, if you were interested in preppy style you would look at Jessie, and if your final decision was being a wild sassy girl you would look at Lisa. Jean jackets, crimped hair, RayBan sunglasses, side ponytails and comfy parachute pants were performed at their best in Saved by the Bell.

Blossom: Well, this is sort of embarrassing but I guess that if we’re getting this nostalgic you must know: my best friend calls me Blossom. And even though I was very reticent to believe I had a physical similarity with Blossom in the beginning, I must agree with my best friend. She is so right. And specially now that I am all of the sudden dressing up like a nerd, wearing knitted sweaters over buttoned-up shirts with no-sense of style nor colour. But Blossom did teach us something important: how to (and how to not) wear headbands, wool skirts over white pants and hats.

Full House: Back in the 90’s nobody would have guessed that the little Michelle would become a fashion icon herself. Well, THEMSELVES (yes, I am talking about Olsen Twins). However, and even though they always looked super cute, the style lessons taught by Full House cast had nothing to do with Mary-Kate and Ashley. Creeper shoes, denim dungarees over red tops, mustard tights, oversized fluo-coloured sport coats, button-down skirts, macramé gilets and sunflowers everywhere were the marks of this series. Marks that we cannot forget.

Now go get yourself a 90’s look with Kling and celebrate the good times this spring summer! (They say Kling’s designers have been inspired by the 90’s TV performances of Claire Danes and Brittany Murphy to create this collection!)

90's style by Kling

1: Dress Moristown (in store soon); 2: Dress Albion (in store soon); 3: Short Denim Hearts (in store soon); 4: T-Shirt Trofa; 5: Sammy Hat; 6: PichiMarysville (in store soon); 7: Flat Ball Bailarina (in store soon); 8: Oxford Air Shoes (in store soon); 9: Oxford Bicolor Shoes; 10: Braid Hat

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  • Reply Jewel Divas Style February 7, 2013 at 1:07

    Punky was an 80s show 84-88, Saved by the Bell started in 89 and Full House started in 87 and went to 95. So you got half of it wrong.

    • Reply Yazmina from Girl with a Banjo February 7, 2013 at 9:20

      Hi Jewel Divas Style and thank you for the comment! Please, read the comment I have included at the end of the post specially for you -but I guess also for the rest of my readers to see-.
      Regards from Europe -where American TV sitcom series from the 90’s are still airing in the summer mornings-.

      • Reply Jewel Divas Style February 8, 2013 at 8:52

        Yazmina I went to IMDB and got the proper details, Just because a series aired in the 90s in a particular country does not make it a 90s series. When a show is made and first aired, that is when it’s from. So yes, Punky IS an 80s show as it was made and first aired in most countries in the 80s. Full House started and was first aired in 87 so it is considered an 80s show. Bell is half half, started in the 80s and continued into the 90s. Clearly we have a different opinion on these things.

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