Style crush on Steve Madden

Steve Madden's Campaign

“I recently had a crush! I wanted to share it with you all, hoping that my husband won’t read this…
You see, there is this man who creates the coolest shoes in the US. I met him by accident about a couple of weeks ago and since then I admit I am deeply hooked on him (and on his friends too). I mean, they are so much fun and so creative! They love fashion and they even have a digital magazine! What else can a girl ask for?”.

Well, yeah. This situation sort of happened for real when I discovered Steve Madden’s digital zine. Have you ever heard of it? It is a site put together by Steve Madden’s staff where, besides making very clear that they are in love with shoes, they talk about their personal interests too: fashion, style, music, blogs, girls, guys, office-living…
You can totally perceive that the zine exhales personality, optimism and positivity from the very first minute you spend on the site. It represents Steve Madden’s edgy-street style feeling and you can see that the contents are posted not only to entertain visitors, but to educate them on how to use the brand to look even better!
And then there is the long list of contributors. Besides looking like they are the coolest team on earth, I love the fact that they enjoy their work so much (you can see it from the crazy pictures they post, those guys know how to party in the office). I totally feel like sending them a box of cupcakes and a bottle of honey-rhum. Specially since I know that they fancy people with animal heads.
Oh, and have I mentioned the awesome Youtube channel they have? I keep watching their videos over and over. They are so fresh and natural. I am leaving you one of my favourite ones (yes, they teach you how to wear booties!), but I will be sharing more videos very soon. Enjoy!

Picture and Video Credits: Steve Madden. Special thanks to Kristi Bergeron from Kravetz PR.

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