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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Stockholm Fashion Week

The ultimate travel guide to Stockholm Fashion WeekStockholm Fashion Week is starting on Monday. But wait, what do you mean “you haven’t had time to organize your trip”? You’d better hurry up asap!
Remember Csilla Vincefi Nee from last Friday’s post (the ABC of SS13 Fashion Trends)? She is our guest today again, but this time she will be giving us some great tips about travelling to Stockholm Fashion Week. I’ll also be interrupting her from time to time, you know how much I love Stockholm, don’t you?

Sleep tight in Stockholm

1. Since Stockholm fashion week is mostly hold at Berns, I would totally recommend Berns Hotel, Berzeli Park. Not only would you be in the centre of where it all happens, you would also feel the backstage pulse when models, designers and stylists are working and dining right beside you. The hotel has top class food with its Asian cuisine and its 6-meter long afternoon tea dessert buffet. The rooms are all different and you will sleep like a baby although the hotel hosts one of Stockholms most visited nightclubs.

2. Stockholm’s newest 5 star hotel Nobis, Norrmalmstorg 2-4, has in a short time gotten to be the certain choice for foreign celebrities and hip wealthy Swedes. Hotel Nobis is also known for their Italian restaurant owned by the Catenacci family and their fantastic location. If you are in town for some shopping, partying and you like to feel the pulse of Stockholm, this is the place to be. This hotel is a place to have excellent drinks for all of Stockholm’s party crowd.

3. 90% of the Stockholm crowd would say Story Hotel, Riddargatan 6,  if you would ask them to name their no 1 place for a really good lunch. Swedes love salads and Story hotel has the longest queues ever at lunchtime. Not only does the hotel offer excellent food and drinks, they also have design rooms that remind you of exactly where you are, contemporary minimalistic Sweden. Story Hotel is located in the city centre between shops, bars and nightclubs and you will certainly not miss out on the best that Stockholm has to offer.

Must see Stockholm

1. Gamla Stan (The Old town) is just behind the Swedish Royal castle and is one of the oldest and best preserved places in Stockholm. Oh yes, it’s supertouristic but it is worth it. Take time for a walk, have a hot waffle and let yourself be thrown back in time to the 11th century.

Gamla Stan

Davide in Gamla Stan

That’s Girl with a Banjo’s husband stealing a bicycle in one of the cute streets of Gamla Stan. The owner of the bicyle was sat down at her desk, inside the window besides him…

2. Stockholm is best experienced from the water and you won’t find anything anywhere like the Swedish archipelago. Take a boat just outside the Royal castle and see some of Stockholm’s 30,000 islands. Hop off the boat in Waxholm for a walk and an ice-ream or in Sandhamn and go for a swim. This trip is best suggested for the summer period but hey, who says you shouldn’t try to go for a swim among the iced water anyway? Sauna bathing is a common and fun thing that Swedes do in the winter time.
Note from Girl with a Banjo: I agree! I spent my honeymoon in a stranded cottage on one of those islands (Ljusterö). It is SUCH a fantastic place.

Stockholm Archipellago

(Girl with a Banjo: See that big house in the shadows? That used to be our honeymoon cottage in Laggarsvik, Ljusterö!)

Stockholm Archipellago

(Girl with a Banjo: That’s a view from the Laggarsvik dock. It was 11pm and THAT, my friend, THAT IS THE MIDNIGHT SUN)

3. Södermalm and Sofo are the places to be if you are looking for a chill area to hang out in. Sofo is well known for its second hand shops, galleries, designer studios and cafes. Relax and have a sandwich with “surdeg”, go for some cheap vintage shopping and feel the pulse of creative, laid back Swedes at their best.

Eat well in Stockholm

1. If price is not an issue, Restaurang AG, Kronobergsgatan 37: This is THE place to go for all you meat loving gourmets. The restaurant is located in an old industry facility and is specialized on high end meat. Here you will eat only the best quality of meat that Sweden has to offer prepared in easy and classic ways. Try their ”bacon infused old fashion” (drink) which is supposed to be something extraordinary.

2. On a budget, Vigårda Barbeque, Norrlandsgatan 13: This is the latest of restaurants by the famous Swedish chef Melker Andersson. Melker has a history of good dining in fantastic enviroments and has numerous restaurants buildt up from floor to rooftop by different themes. The theme for Vigårda Barbeque is fastfood and costs aprox one euro more than Mc Donalds. Try their hamburgers in a selection of 7 different tastes and be amazed of how good a hamburger actually can get.
Note from Girl with a Banjo: This place is SO cosy and the food is delicious. Whether you’re planning on eating a hamburger or just a salad, you won’t be disappointed.

After the shows

And would you like to know what we do after the shows? We have a tradition for fashion week! There’s an afternoon tea at Berns where most of the shows are placed and there they have a 6 meter long dessert buffet. This is also a good place for you to update your blog or report to your editor since they have wifi.

About Csilla Vincefi Nee

Freelance stylist Csilla Vincefi Nee has studied Design and Pattern Making in Stockholm. She has been working in the fashion industry for 9 years, working for Sweden’s biggest fashion magazines: Damernas Värld, DV Mode, VeckoRevyn and CHIC.

Credit for Csilla’s picture: Photographer Magnus Ragnvid
Credits for big Stockholm pictures: Girl with a Banjo
Credits for small snapshots: Tripadvisor, Berns, Nobis, Sara Danielsson, Telegraph.

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