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DIY: Create a PR Calendar for your blog

Create a PR Calendar for your blog

Is creating a PR Calendar among your New Year’s Resolutions? It should be!
Now that we have covered important aspects of your PR plan such as conducting a PR research, setting up goals, strategies, objectives and tactics or creating a media database for your blog, we are ready to start planning your PR thingies for 2013!
Scheduling your PR activities and media exposure will contribute to the growth of your blog improving your outreach. It is a useful tool that will save your culito with deadlines, make you save efforts, help you manage your time in advance in a more organized and efficient way and will allow you to look ahead.
“But I already have an editorial calendar!”, you will say. However, a PR Calen is NOT an Ed Calen (sounds like Edward Cullen, huh?). They are complimentary! So please, use both: their contents and purposes are completely different.

PR Calendar Advantages

Here are some advantages of creating a PR Calendar for your blog:

  1. You won’t miss important deadlines: Find out what journalists, other bloggers and media outlets are intending to publish soon and be on time to propose editorial ideas.
  2. You will plan your work several months ahead: Anticipate to deadlines contributing with an article or suggesting a feature. Have 15 minutes now? Write a post that may be interesting for the September issue of Glamour!
  3. You will identify PR opportunities and be ready for them: Get recognized by the right people in the right time! Introduce yourself as an expert source for speaking engagements, pannels and workshops before the expiring date. Or maybe, just saying, participate in THAT contest and try to win a Blogger of the Year award.

DIY Create a PR Calendar for your blog

How can you create a PR Calendar? Simple! Open Ms Excel / Numbers or Ms Word / Pages. Create a table on your worksheet and include the following categories at the top bar: date, activity, tools, steps, contact, status, deadline and importance.

  • Activity is the category where you will write down the name of each one of your PR activities or projects.
  • The Tools category includes a list of all the PR tools (sorry for the repetition!) you will need to work: newsletters, pitch to editors, social network updates and so forth.
  • A detailed to-do list will be included in the Steps category.
  • The Contact category must include all the contact details of each and every person needed to accomplish the PR activity.
  • Status: Tbc? Ongoing? Finished? You name it.
  • Deadline is easy, right?
  • Give a rate to your PR activity in the Importance category. Use stars. Or hearts. Or smileys. Or words. Anything you like!


Need some extra tips? Here they are.

  1. Don’t know where to start from? As with editorial calendars, PR calendars can be divided into different months, seasons and holidays. Start by writing down all these details in your calendar so you can see the important dates in just one sheet and get an overall look.
  2. Revisit your calendar several times. Make proper corrections and update it.
  3. Check out which posts, angles and pitches have worked best in the past. Use this information to schedule similar activities.
  4. Are you going to be featured anywhere? Write it down in your PR Calendar and make sure you spread the word.

Am I missing anything? Do you have any questions? Write me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in less than 12 hours.

Source: Lithuanian model Julija Steponaviciute (IMG), photographed by Rokas Darulis.

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    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be trying these strategies this year.

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