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Blog Coaching Sessions: Learn to work with PR Agencies (II)

Blog Coaching Sessions

(Read the intro and the first Blog Coaching Session here)

Be transparent

Be honest about your viewership.
There is this amazing website called Google, and it allows you to find the answer to almost any question, including what a website’s daily traffic is. As absurd as this opening line sounds, it is equally absurd when someone tries to convince us they have more traffic than they do. When we ask about your traffic and audience, just be honest with us. We have ways of checking these things and it makes you look very unprofessional if we find out otherwise. However, you are ALWAYS free to include the number of twitter followers you have in your response to us. Sometimes a solid twitter account means just as much as a huge blog following, depending on the product or brand we’re promoting. This ties back into having a clear point of view and eye-catching site design. The same way you’re looking for the next big story idea, we’re on the lookout for the next big blogs! If you’re the next Scott Schuman or Leandra Medine, we want to be there with you from the beginning! Tell us if you’re coming to our office in advance, though, so we know to wear something cute that day. Just take our picture, okay? Seriously.

About sponsorships

A word about sponsorships.
We know you want to make dolla dolla billz, ya’ll, but keep in mind, especially if you’re a young blog, that it takes time. Think of it as shopping. When you’re looking for that item missing from your wardrobe, you look at style, quality, and price. If you don’t recognize the brand, you’re less likely to spend as much as you would on a brand you’re familiar with, unless the quality and style of that new brand is really great. A similar philosophy can be applied to sponsorships with bloggers. Depending on the blog, we are willing to consider sponsorship deals, but it has to make sense in terms of what the blog’s reach is. There is a direct relationship between a blogger’s following and how much we are willing to spend on efforts such as endorsements. However, we are always excited to work with promising blogs, so let’s start with reviews and we’ll grow with you!

Things to remember

A few things to remember.
In a world where we all work for someone, we work for our clients. Every sample we send out we have to account for, and every post that gets written we have to forward to our clients. It’s our job to ensure that everything we do presents them in the best possible light. We don’t envision ourselves sitting on our public relations thrones, picking on the minion bloggers. We do our best to make informed decisions and always put our clients first. Unfortunately, that means saying “no” sometimes. This brings us to our final point.

Keep in touch

Don’t hate us and always keep in touch.
Just because we say “no” now doesn’t mean you can’t sit with us at the lunch table (on Wednesdays, we wear pink). Things change, credibility and viewership grow, and different projects have different needs. We value relationships a lot more than most industries. Keeping in touch with us is a great way to ensure that we don’t forget about you. Email us every so often just to check in and let us know what new stories you’re working on, and engage with us and our clients on social networks.

Special thanks to: Billy Dumé & Kristi Bergeron. Kravetz & Company Public Relations.
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Picture credits: Deco Spring Summer 2012 Lookbook.

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