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New Designers: Yeashin Kim

New Designers Yeashin Kim

Muuse has slowly become a cradle of so many Emerging Fashion Designers this year. But it wasn’t up until this Fall that I realized the pure beauty of that company and the invaluable support they provide to young people to make their Fashion Dream come true.
I discovered Korean-born Yeashin Kim in one of my daily muusings, not long ago. I got instantly attracted by how she splashed vivantes colours over a beautiful line of enchanting little dresses in her overjoyed Garden of East collection. The naive allure of her latest lookbook, the ultra-fine focus on details and the other-decade feeling will definitely boost your spring/summer joie de vivre up to the stars.
Yeashin Kimmoved from Korea to the United Kingdom where she studied in the London College of Fashion. It was in 2011 when she decided to open her own London-based fashion label – called SHIN – and launched her website, where she also has an eCommerce platform (readers, more RTW items will be uploaded in March 2013, so stay tuned!).
I hope you enjoy this interview I had with Yeashin Kim as much as I do!

Yeashin Kim

Girl with a Banjo: When and how did fashion first pop in your mind?
Yeashin Kim:
When I was 17 I saw a fashion show for the first time. I then realized that fashion was a splendid major, a major that could combine so many different things: music, fine art, stage art, business, etc.. That’s why I chose fashion! And even though it means hard work it is also very dynamic as well.

Girl with a Banjo: Which has been the most complicated part when creating your own fashion brand?
Yeashin Kim:
I think it was when I had to make a decision on my design lines:  did I want to keep my own colours into the designs and be artistic or did I want to change the designs so that they targeted the current fashion market? Finally I came up with the decision that, for now, I am going to leave flashes of my personality in the design until people makes a picture of what SHIN is as a fashion brand.

Girl with a Banjo: Your media coverage and product placement in fashion editorials is very impressive. Do you personally take care of the PR and product placement for SHIN?
Yeashin Kim:
Yes, I take care of all PR (editorials, product placement, etc.) activities related to SHIN by myself, making my own decisions.


Girl with a Banjo: How did you select the fabrics for Garden of East? What aspects did you take into consideration when choosing them?
Yeashin Kim:
Mostly silk, satin and wool. The Garden of East collection was mainly focused on a luxurious Korean traditional dresses blended with the oriental landscapes. When considering the materials, it was important for me to pick a fabric that could reflect the elegance of the oriental landscape, meanwhile keeping the deeply controlled colours of the Korean dresses.

Girl with a Banjo: How much of each and every garment is hand-made?
Yeashin Kim:
70% hand-made on the detail, and the rest 30% sewed by other professionals.

Girl with a Banjo: Comparing Garden of East to Sea Creature, which collection has been more challenging for you? Have you noticed a positive evolution from the 1st collection to the 2nd one?
Yeashin Kim:
Sea Creature, my 1st collection, obviously took me a while because I had to find my own characters and apply them to the different designs. However, in my 2nd collection I settled my personality in my designs, so I have to say it was showing more of me.

Girl with a Banjo: Where can we recognize YEASHIN KIM in both collections?
Yeashin Kim:
My colour matches are very me and they are unique across the fashion industry. The luxurious materials and details can also be seen as one of the greatest characteristics of my designs.

Girl with a Banjo: What’s next? Are you preparing for something new?
Yeashin Kim:
I am preparing for the 2013 FW Vauxhall Fashion Scout Show in London.

Yeashin Kim

Special thanks to Yeashin Kim for answering to all my questions. I wish her all the best in her career as a Fashion Designer!
You can follow her on Facebook or check out her latest collections here.

Pictures: Lookbook Model Helena Oun, Photographer Hyunwoo Jung

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