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Last week I received a delightful surprise when I was enjoying my daily dose of PR Couture -a Fashion PR Business platform I deeply admire-.
It had been a very tough week since I had been triple-checking Italian job-seeking sites without success. (I already told you about the drama and the fact that I am seriously considering emigrating and leaving Italy, didn’t I?).
But then something captured my attention: I found my name in PR Couture’s 6th Birthday Special Post, together with other relevant names in the industry such as Aliza Licht from DKNY, Adriana & Meg from NYC PR Girl, Lauren from¬†PR Blonde or Alexis from the The PR Closet. I had been included in what Crosby Noricks called “Fashion PR Community” as a “Fashion PR explorer” with my new fellow blogger friend Sarah from PR Ambition.
It means the world to me since I am just starting to blog about Fashion PR in Girl with a Banjo, sharing with you some of my professional experiences as a PR. You see, with all the critic situation I am handling in a place where (public) Fashion PR jobs are only given to guys with a nice surname and HR people do not reply to my emails, being recognized by one of my international role models is so rewarding.
Crosby Noricks is a living proof that hard work, passion and determination pay off. It is because of inspirational people like her and the rest of the Fashion PR Community she has mentioned that I will never give up on my dream. I am even starting to consider becoming a freelance PR and opening my own agency! WHO KNOWS!

Thank you very much for such an incredibly amazing surprise Crosby, and Happy Birthday PR Couture :)!

PR Couture: 6 yearsGWB in PR Couture

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