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What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas (Part 1)

Following the Holiday tradition, here’s the 4th episode of my very own Holiday Gift Guide for peculiar individuals. In today’s post we are going to talk about What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas (Part 1)! But wait:

* Is your boo a gardening lover or a nostalgic moderno? Then keep on reading.
* Is your boo interested in conquering the world? Does he like running? Then visit GWB tomorrow for Part 2.

Christmas gifts for The Gardener

Some of us have a guy at home who is totally into gardening.
I do, and I love eating the cherry-tomatoes and the salad he grows on the balcony. But on the other hand our place smells like BIO-products and wet compost all the time, and I often find myself drying small drops on the corridor floor –wondering if anybody has urinal  problems in the house– when the truth is my husband has been running with the watering can and leaving everything messy.
So what do we give our boyfriend or husband for Christmas if he is a gardening lover?
Whether he has a big garden outside the house or he contents himself with a small balcony, possibilities are endless!

1. Introductory books to gain or refresh his gardening knowledge.
Good readings like “The Edible Garden”, “Grow Great Grub” or “Small Space: Container Gardens” will delight your gardener-boo this Christmas. They are full of inspirational pictures and great advice!
Get them in Amazon or your favourite Book Shop.

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: Gardening Books

2. A gardening kit
If your boo is a gardener he may have many of these things already, but he will love to start next gardening season with a brand new gardening kit. Just like kids with new stationery when they start school after the Summer break!
Get wonderful gardening stuff here.

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: a Garden Allotment Kit

3. Seeds, seeds, seeds
They never seem to be enough for real gardening lovers! These guys love to explore and experiment with new species every season. The weirder, the better. What about ordering some chili peppers from Guam or Mexico?

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: seeds 

4. A Gardening Journal
Moleskine Passion Journals are eye-candy. Have a look at this video and you’ll want one for yourself too.


Christmas gifts for The Nostalgic Moderno

This guy loves vintage style. For him, being a real gentleman is all about striking the pose in a bohemian way and reviving “the old-school days” –even if he’s too young to know what really happened “those days”-. He is a real nostalgic moderno, and if you still can’t picture who I am talking about you will when you see what he’d like for Christmas.

1.    Papillons
Tie? What do you mean “tie”? Nostalgic modernos do not use ties! They button up their shirts and place a colourful papillon on their necks. So yet a(nother) papillon is always a great idea as a Christmas present since it’s one of their identity’s signs!

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: Papillons

2.    A smoking pipe
Gone are the days when nostalgic modernos used to smoke cigarettes. That is not even cool anymore! A smoking pipe is used by interesting men who read (paper) books and discuss about politics, religion and jazz music.
A smoking pipe is used by a man with a beard. And nobody wants to mess up with a man with a beard.

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: Smoking Pipe

3.    A shaving kit
Real nostalgic modernos started visiting their grandpa’s barber about two months ago. That’s the place where they hang out with other nostalgic modernos and read (paper) newspapers.
But since this Spa Experience is a little bit too expensive and their beard grows up very quickly, they probably need a brand new (vintage) shaving kit to have at home! Double bonus if it’s branded.

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: a shaving kit

4.    A vintage harmonica
Nostalgic modernos love to act as if they were not doing anything at all, just reflecting about the sense of life and universe. They love that bohemian momento on a Sunday afternoon, sat down on their favourite brown leather sofa. Give him something else to do, for all modernos’ sake.

What to give your boyfriend or husband for Christmas: a harmonica

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  • Reply Anna - Sthlm Calling December 11, 2012 at 17:42

    Haha, I would never even think of buying him a gardening journal… But the bow tie or harmonica is actually a great idea!

    • Reply Yazmina Cabrera December 11, 2012 at 17:46

      Well, the harmonica is a pretty good-looking present I would say! My husband would ADORE the Gardening Journal though, specially the Big Box version which includes little envelopes for seeds! He’s so sweet…

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