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The Blogger’s Desk: Jordan Holt

Jordan's Desk

Last month I started collaborating with a professional Fashion Blogger from the U.S. who gave me the opportunity to be featured as a guest blogger in the amazing platform she edits: Exclusively Chic.
Her name is Jordan Holt and she lives in Memphis, TN -a place where she seems to be crazily in love with-. I met her because of her interesting section “Chic City Spotlight” where she describes how fashion looks like in different cities by interviewing other bloggers.
We are the same age, we are both married and we both have adorable pets! Even though she is a Political Science major and recent law graduate, her passions rest with fashion and the prolific world of social media.

Girl with a Banjo: When did you start blogging and why? Were you inspired by a person or by a concept?
I started a blog in 2009 that involved personal musings. I kept it current, but it lacked cohesion. In the summer of 2011, I started sketching fashion, reading fashion novels, and pouring myself into fashion magazines. I quickly found that all my spare moments were spent distracting myself with fashion-related material. And thus, a fashion blog was born. There are a few people who inspire me continuously – Rachel Bilson, Olivia Palermo, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and mainly Miroslava Duma. As with any blog, my picture of what I want it to be and where I want it to go is constantly evolving. But I have a heart for my city, and I do want to use the blog to write a positive story on Memphis.

Jordan's Desk

Girl with a Banjo: Tricky question: How is Fashion in Memphis?
Describing fashion in Memphis is a challenge. People who live outside of this city do not recognize Memphis as a fashion hotspot. Having lived here my whole life, I appreciate that the culture of Memphis is represented in our fashion. For example, Memphis is notorious for a large income gap. There are spots with lots of wealth wherein the people might wear designer jeans, Frye boots, and premier designer handbags. There are also areas of extreme poverty where fashion is of no priority. One unifying trend in Memphis is a strong support for Memphis music and sports. You may find anyone, regardless of income, in a Memphis Tigers or Memphis Grizzlies shirt. Similarly, will likely find someone in Sun Studio attire. Memphis has its own story to tell, and I am glad to share it through the blog.

Girl with a Banjo: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you like to start working in the Fashion industry?
There are few certainties regarding where I will be in five years. I am always evaluating and re-evaluating what I’d like to do for a living. I know I’d like to be a mom with enough time to enjoy that role. Might I practice law? Perhaps. Might I open a boutique? Maybe. Keep sketching? Sure. Maintain the blog presence? Absolutely. Life has enough serious moments that I require a creative outlet. Heck, I’ll only be 30 in five years, so the sky is the limit.

Jordan's Desk

Girl with a Banjo: Tell me what’s in your “blogging-office area” which inspires you the most and why.
Embarrassingly, I don’t have one blog space. I might blog from my kitchen counter, my bed, a coffee shop, or my desk. Where ever I settle, I usually have a few key things nearby – a few issues of Women’s Wear Daily, my Macbook Pro, iPhone 5,  and photographic inspiration (clippings, Pinterest boards, magazines.) I wish I did have one cozy space to do all my blogging, but I have found it to be a very mobile hobby.

Girl with a Banjo: What does blogging mean to you? How have Exclusively Chic changed your life?
Jordan: Blogging has taken on several different meanings for me. Exclusively Chic represents an overflow of creative energy I had pent up during law school. Blogging means telling your own story with your own tools. I maintain that even in the fashion blogosphere, each author has a unique perspective. I believe that more can be gained from working collaboratively than working competitively. Exclusively Chic has changed my life by opening the door to new opportunities – giving fashion advice, collaborating with local retailers, or learning a lot about an industry of which I have never been a part.

Jordan's Desk

I strongly recommend you to follow Jordan’s Exclusively Chic blog in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (I specially love her “Organizing my Chaos” board!). She is doing an amazing Holiday Gift Guide this month, so don’t miss it!

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