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What’s IN for SS13: Sheer panels

What's IN for SS13: Sheer Panels

Are you brave enough to let me see your sheer-panels? ♫♪
Whilst Fashion Designers try to convince us to show our perfectly shaped nude bodies next Spring Summer, I can’t help but think about Katy Perry’s world of neon lights while she sings Peacock.
There’s something about transparencies that can make people very nervous. I think it’s a matter of the place sensual lingerie has in our subconscious mind. But apparently, SS13 brings us a more religious –yet ultra-sexy– version of transparencies: sheer panels.
You’ll be wondering how you’ll make it. Facts as “but I have a big spare tire here!” or “but I have a horrible varicose vein on my right leg!” are not valid excuses anymore. And do you want to know why? Because most of the times sheer panels are combined with asymmetries, rougher materials which will take the leading role in your look and colorful layers which will capture the attention. Your own skin is going to be the less important thing. Sorry.

PS. By the way, you’d better start buying some real cool lingerie now. You don’t want everybody to see that pink Hello Kitty bra with fake Swarovski on it, right?


Source: Photographers Monica Feudi, Filippo Fior, Marcus Tondo, Yannis Vlamos, Sandro Garofalo.

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