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Sign 5: Are you willing to become multi-tasking?

(This is the fifth and last chapter of a series called 5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl. Hope you’ve liked this series!)

Are you willing to become multi-tasking?

Yes, you read it right. But I am not –only– talking about multitasking as a professional skill but also as a personal attitude.
Did you know that Stella McCartney is a working mum? Yes, she is known for being totally able to combine both family and work without losing sight –of any of the sides.
For a girl who’s studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, then has had a four-year experience in Luxury PR and Communications  and who is trying to break in the Fashion Industry… well, multi-tasking sounds like something totally familiar!
Multitasking means you may be somebody’s personal assistant but you would still be able to handle activities at all different levels of responsibility. It also means that you may become the Head of PR but you will still propose yourself as a plants waterer and coffee deliverer.
Being multitasking is a skill AND an attitude that every respected PR person should have. Taking initiatives and being able to act like a chameleon playing different roles at the same time is KEY for your success in the Public Relations business.
For instance, I would gladly collaborate with Stella McCartney in her tailoring processes and be extra happy to participate in a creative meeting. At the same time, handling a fashion show or organizing a press event would be awesome too.
Yes. Even if your contract says you are supposed to ONLY work 8 hours and ONLY write press releases, open yourself to new challenges! Participate actively in the things that happen around you! Live-the-brand!
And yes, watering plants and serving coffee was something I loved doing in my previous job. And don’t get me wrong, I was Responsible of Marketing & Communications and all. BUT I was doing nice stuff for others. You can never lose sight and turn yourself into a snobbish, even when you hold an important position. Interns and Juniors are people too, there is no reason why you shouldn’t serve them coffee in the morning and water the cactus on their desk. Remember that a person who is not nice to the waiter is not a nice person! :)
I read in a super nice article about Stella McCartney that she tries to maintain that “real humble” feeling across her company, avoiding that fashion stupidity which is so well known across the industry. I loved this, to be honest. Nothing scares me more than a clacker trying to pull me down.

Would you be willing to become multi-tasking for your beloved fashion brand? Could you name three things you could do simultaneously without losing sight?

Source: Photography by Steven Meisel

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  • Reply Lucia November 13, 2012 at 14:24

    I’m a multitasking girl! I can chat via facebook, use Whatsapp e speak at the phone at the same time. A 360° communication project ahahaha

    • Reply Yazmina Cabrera November 13, 2012 at 14:31

      Hahaha then we have something in common. Add watching Sailor Moon and chewing candy at the same time and you have a jackpot!

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