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Sign 4: Does the Fashion Brand’s philosophy matches yours?

(This is the fourth chapter of a series called 5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl. Come back every day this week to find out more)

Sharin the brand's values will let everybody know what the word compromise means to you

I love Stella’s blues, but I prefer her greens.
Yes, GREEN, and not only because she seems to like it in her latest Spring/Summer collection, but because she IS green, ecologically speaking. And so am I!
Well, I am not a vegetarian to be honest. But I am completely against animal cruelty and the use of leather and fur in fashion (even though this statement will possibly delete my name from certain recruitment processes).
Stella can totally express her green philosophy through fashion without looking fake or forced, and that is something I truly admire from her. It looks like there is a recent trend of going green among fashion designers. But let’s be honest: some of them only do it because it’s “trendy” to be conscious. Not that they give a damn about environmental issues. Tuh!
I became even more conscious about the use of animal skin in fashion when I got my two wonderful furry chinchillas two years ago. Seriously: do you want fur everywhere? Adopt a chinchilla and place the cage in your favourite room! Your chin will naturally lose its fur and it will cover your floor as a carpet -without killing the little monster-. Fur is so much better on a living animal, believe me.
Sharing the brand’s moral values and philosophy will take you high(er). I mentioned this before, but you should be aware that being a PR means that you’ll be wearing a second skin which will –eventually– become your first one. And this doesn’t have to be negative, not at all. I am not saying you have to say BYE to your real you and become a different person. But if you are able to get in the mood and feel the brand’s vibes, well, then you’ll have it all!

Which values do you share with the brand you love? Can you name a few?

Picture credits: This chapter has been illustrated with as stunning picture shot by photographer Steven Meisel.

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