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Sign 3: Do you represent the brand image?

(This is the third chapter of a series called 5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl. Come back every day this week to find out more)

Are you a walking-brand?

I am as tall as Natalia Vodianova.
No. Seriously. I really am. And she has been Stella McCartney’s brand’s face for the last three collections. So it must be a good sign, right?
Being 1.76m high means you can usually pick up things from high places (always useful when folders are up on the shelves), you can politely inform others that they have a little white ball of fluff above their heads (always embarrassing) and you can be sure that you are going to be noticed by everybody when you decide to wear high heels (great for the company’s media relations, everybody will notice you).
Just kidding.
Representing the image of a fashion brand goes beyond the physical appearance, which is of course in constant discussion as well. Yes, even if the concept sucks, your physics will play a decisive role in your professional career in the fashion industry.
But remember: even if you are the most beautiful girl in the world, what goes out from your mouth and how your attitude is matter. A LOT.
As a Fashion PR Girl, everybody must see the brand you’re representing in the whole-of-YOU: the way you move, the way you talk, the way you laugh, how you pick up food at a party. You have to become a walking-brand. So that even at first sight people will be able to say: HEY, THERE COMES STELLA MCCARTNEY’S PR GIRL!

How do you think you could represent the brand image of your favourite fashion house? Would you be willing to -always- wear a Fashion-PR-second-skin?

Picture credits: Some of the chapters in this series have been illustrated with the pictures of a beautiful fashion editorial shot by photographer Mario Sierra with Swedish blogger Elin Kling for Woman magazine.

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