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Sign 2: Do you know everything about that brand?

(This is the second chapter of a series called 5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl. Come back every day this week to find out more)

A good shot of information will make you an indispensable Fashion PR Girl

Yazmina, do you think you know absolutely everything about the fashion house you are willing to work for as a PR?

Well, if we are talking about “public information”, yes, I believe I do.
I can assure you that I have followed with great interest each and every collection Stella McCartney has presented during her fashion career -yes, even the one with the naughty messages over the garments-. I have proudly assisted to her evolution from my computer screen and fashion magazines (since I am not (yet) in the front row).
I can tell you some gossip about her as well: how many kids she has, who she is married with, where she spends the weekend… But at the same time I can also tell you where she produces her collections, what sort of fabrics she uses, which prize she won last week at the Bazaar Awards and the colours she mixed in her latest collections. Just to give you a quick example.Fact-sheet info is OK, but you should dig a little deeper and learn as many details as possible about the brand
Having a wide knowledge of the fashion house you want to represent is key for a Fashion PR Girl wannabe. But not ordinary overall, fact-sheet information. I am talking about real and detailed awareness of both the designer and the brand. Here are a few reasons why this is such an important point:
1. By being informed, you will avoid the uncomfortable situation of you telling a journalist during a gala dinner in a gourmet restaurant that you don’t know the name of the guy who designed the table cloth (this happened to me).
2. If you know everything about the brand, you handle more information than anyone else. Therefore you are considered an expert, and experts are considered indispensable. You are in a position where you can create as a many media stories as ideas come to your mind because you know it all. Possibilities are endless!
3. Knowing everything will help you to connect dots immediately when talking to journalists. Maybe they were only asking you about X but then you mentioned its relation with Y and Y^2. And new angles are unconsciously planted in journalists’ minds. Ta-da!Handling unique information aboutthe fashion house you want to representwill position you as an expertSometimes even the smallest details are the ones which make a difference to a journalist. Yes, that detail you didn’t think was interesting because it was super obvious -to you-, can be GOLD for somebody else. In fact, I remember a time back in 2008 when I was showing a journalist around a 5* hotel and he went nuts about a Nespresso machine in ONE of the rooms. For me, it was just a coffee machine. For him, it was THE coffee machine. And I can tell you that Nespresso thingy got a few lines of glory in the journalist’s article.
I remember another time when a Spa centre I was representing got the attention of The Telegraph. The journalist was only interested in ONE of the eighteen rooms in the Spa centre and created a whole story about a 15-minute experience inside that room. And yes, that room was real awesomeness-made-wellness. But who would have thought that it would become SO interesting for The Telegraph? You can’t imagine the viral spread of this post, by the way. It even got pitched by The Guardian this year again.
“But why is this?”, you’ll think. Well, maybe because from a journalist’s point of view that obvious info is seen as something exclusive which will boost their career. Journalists will surprise you by asking you about stuff you consider irrelevant or useless, and this will eventually turn into the most read story in the media.
This info is the one you get to know and nail down if you are really into the brand you intend to work for. SO STUDY IT AS THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

How do you get informed about the evolution of your favourite fashion house or designer? Would you be able to write a text mentioning everything you know about it?

Picture credits: Some of the chapters in this series have been illustrated with the pictures of a beautiful fashion editorial shot by photographer Mario Sierra with Swedish blogger Elin Kling for Woman magazine.

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