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Sign 1: Does that fashion designer truly inspire you?

(This is the first chapter of a series called 5 signs to discover if you would be a great Fashion PR Girl. Come back every day this week to find out more)

Does the Fashion Designer behind that brand truly inspire you?

Yazmina, are you inspired by the fashion designer behind the brand you want to do PR for?

Yes. I am fully inspired by Stella McCartney. Thanks for asking.
You can’t imagine how much I admire her and respect her work and her professional career as a fashion designer. I specially love the way she makes everything look super simple and practical, but still gets to draw attention to all the different details that splash her collections in such a smart way.
Every time I watch her fashion shows I feel like going back to university and studying fashion design. She makes me want to create and that is something BIG! That is something which turns her into my main source of fashion inspiration and a role model to follow, as I have previously said in other posts.Being inspired by the fashion designer you are going to represent is key to inspire others
Some people don’t even think this is a real possibility. But there is no bigger satisfaction than being happy doing what you gotta do. And this (specially) applies to Fashion PR too. From the perspective of a PR Girl who represents a certain fashion brand, being inspired by the designer is key to inspire others.
After all, your eyes are supposed to shine every time you speak about that designer and his/her work. But hey, the sentiment has to be true and honest. Otherwise you’ll look like one of those individuals who fake-a-smile and strike-a-pose while they say: “Oh, this is absolutely marvellous! Oh, isn’t this gorgeous! Oh, this is the most delightful party I have ever assisted to!”. And truth is they hate the host of that particular event. You picture that, don’t you?
There is nothing more powerful than a passionate PR who believes in what he/she does. If the media can feel what makes you being so passionate, that feeling will certainly become as contagious as a zombie virus. SO BE PROUD TO SPREAD IT.

Who’s your favourite fashion designer so far? Would you be able to name 3 reasons why you are so inspired by his/her work?

Picture credits: Some of the chapters in this series have been illustrated with the pictures of a beautiful fashion editorial shot by photographer Mario Sierra with Swedish blogger Elin Kling for Woman magazine.

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