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New Designers: Sacaporter by Francesca Marchisio

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter

During one of my visits to The Fashion Hub in Milan Fashion Week I was captured by one of the independent designers’ stands. Mainly because of all the different colours of the garments, but also because there was something unexpectedly different on them. Not only could you wear them, but you could totally transform them and even use them to carry your own things!

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

Easy and functional Gilet-bag by Francesca Marchisio

Francesca Marchisio is the fashion designer who has created Sacaporter (sac-à-porter), a super innovative Italian project which is inspired by travel, design and the concept of transformation.
Sacaporter is made for the woman whose daily routine is based on going up and down the city from business appointments to social engagements. Her need of looking different in every occasion is what basically moves this collection.

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

2-in-1 Reversible dress by Francesca Marchisio

In fact, every garment in the collection is either reversible, detachable into different modules or maybe it even has a bag hidden somewhere. This way you can decide to change look by simply reversing a jacket, detaching a dress into two pieces and reversing one of them to get a different color, or maybe carrying your favourite electronic devices in the inner part of a gilet. It is the way Francesca Marchisio plays with functionality and design creating what she calls a “function-game” which really intrigues me.

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

This padded coat in H20 coated fabric can turn into a short jacket by using the zip around the waist! Oh, and the collar is also detachable.

A curated selection of fabrics and materials put the tasty cherry over the cake. The H20 line, fully made in 100% cotton and waterproof/windproof patented, is renewed with the combination of biellese wool. However, it does not leave out materials such as leather and coated fabrics.

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

This one is SO beautiful. It’s a gilet-bag in leather and coated fabric that you can divide to get a two-pieces look. SWOON!

Francesca Marchisio, who comes from a village between Torino and the amazing Langhe hills in Piemonte, studied in the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan. When she graduated, she won the MaxMara Award in the Riccione Moda Italia fashion contest. This directly boosted her to get a position in Fashion Design for MaxMara Group in Reggio Emilia.
“I’ve travelled and worked in Paris too for two years and I’m just grateful to have spent time in different places because each one of them has added something special”, says Francesca.

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

Reversible dress

In 2007 she won the “Next Generation” contest –which is organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana- and her collection ran on catwalks during Milan Fashion Week FW08. It wasn’t up until three years later that she started her own project: Sacaporter.
When I asked Francesca Marchisio about her life project, she replied: “my life project is doing what I love to do. It means that my work is also my hobby, my way to express myself and my ideas. I’m happy when someone congratulates me after buying my clothes and appreciates my message… It’s the best satisfaction!”.
For someone like Francesca who has worked so hard and with so much passion to achieve her dreams and succeed on her professional fashion career, there must be some kind of secret potion! She says her best advice is to study and to never stop researching, to always follow inner intuitions and to have the guts to change in order to improve.

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

This light virgin-wool and silk dress can either be a LBD or an asymmetrical dress, depending on how you play with the zip!

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

Great thing about this dress is that you can turn it into a top and a skirt, and you can reverse it to use a different colour!

Francesca Marchisio Sacaporter FW12

This reversible cape in H20 coated fabric and virgin doublewool is reversible and tends to create a linear silhouette. 2 in 1!

I would like to thank Francesca Marchisio for answering my questions and letting me use the pictures of her FW12 lookbook, and also Olivier Langhendries from FBR for his help and support on the compilation of all different materials.
Visit to see the full collection.

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