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New Designers: Marianna Cimini

Marianna Cimini (picture by Yazmina Cabrera)

I have recently had the pleasure to meet Marianna Cimini, an Italian Fashion Designer and Cool-Hunter from the upcoming generation of new talents. I saw her newest collection in the Fashion Hub during Milan Fashion Week and spent a long time watching everything and paying attention to every single detail. It was actually full of garments I would gladly use and mainly coloured in my favourite hues: white and blue (with a daring touch of solar orange!). So these are some of the reasons why I stood there in front of her stand for such a long time taking pictures and smiling.
She actually approached me and made me feel guilty for not having a Business Card. What sort of respected blogger am I? So now thanks to her I am working in a design and my cards will soon be printed :).

Marianna Cimini

“From the city to the beach… from the beach to the city”. For her, Spring/Summer 2013 is all about being practical. Her concept of Fashion in this stressful fast-paced era is very clear: she wants to relieve the woman by helping her to always feel elegant without sacrificing any piece of her wardrobe.
To explain this concept, Marianna says: “It happens so many times that, after coming back from our vacation by the sea, we’re forced to forget about that stunning beach dress -for which we had received so many compliments!- just because it doesn’t fit with the needs of a city life. And equally, how many times a sudden trip leaves us completely puzzled in front of our wardrobe not knowing what to pack?”. Há! This has happened to me on my international move from Gran Canaria to Milan, since my house was only 10 minutes from the beach and we were always (and I mean, ALL YEAR LONG) wearing Summery dresses… which obviously don’t fit with what I need to wear in Milan.
(By the way, I absolutely like the effect of her catalogue pictures… it looks like a folded paper!)

Marianna Cimini SS13 Collection

Dynamic, agile, energetic: that is how Marianna Cimini‘s visualizes SS13 Woman. Dresses and pants enjoy strict lines that contrast the deep and wide necklines to create a sense of modern femininity.
Colours are sharp and decisive. They follow what Marianna calls a metropolitan graphism. Marianna is inspired by the reflection and shadows on skyscrapers’ windows: deep blue and intense brown hues are combined with orange sun reflections and luminous white.
For this collection she has used a selection of compact-woven cottons. The cotton used for the pants is slightly stretch, but really soft when you touch it.

Marianna Cimini SS13 Collection

Marianna Cimini defines herself as a “big dreamer” and one of her most ambitious dreams is to be able to commercialize and distribute her collections worldwide. She was born in the south of Italy, in the Amalfi Coast. Growing up in a land where beauty, imagination and creativity have historically been part of the daily life meant so much for her interest in the Arts. When talking about the place where she comes from, she proudly says: “My South –the Amalfi Coast- flows inside the infinite colours that decorate our ceramics. (My South) is the one which has been appreciated and loved for centuries, from Roman times till the nineteenth century onwards. And it is the one which was recognized as glamour’s main spot in the 60’s“.

Marianna Cimini SS13 Collection

Her interest in Fashion has always been present. After finishing her Classical Studies, her decision was made: she was going to turn her passion for fashion into a real profession. That is why she moved to Milan and studied Fashion Design in Istituto Marangoni. The turning point that allowed her to get into the world of Fashion Design professionally was winning the 1st Prize in the Riccione Moda contest. This award gave her the opportunity to intern in MaxMara and then be hired as a Fashion Designer for MaxMara‘s ‘S line.
However, her curiosity and will to renew and keep updated led her to leave MaxMara to try new ideas that could enrich her culture and creativity. Since then she’s been travelling so much looking for inspirational sources.
She has also worked for Tod’s Group designing a Capsule Collection for Fay’s woman line and followed the creation of a Jewelry line.

Marianna Cimini SS13 Collection

Marianna Cimini SS13 Collection (Official Picture)

I would like to share with you some of the pictures I made that day. Funny thing is I was supposed to be attending a Photography Workshop that day and I had forgotten my camera. So these ones are made with my iPhone.

Marianna Cimini

Marianna Cimini

Marianna Cimini

Marianna Cimini

From here I would like to personally thank Marianna Cimini for letting me feature her on Girl with a Banjo. It has been a pleasure having the chance to interview her and find out more about her phenomenal collection. I wish her all the best in her professional career as a Fashion Designer!

Marianna Cimini’s contact.

HOT NEWS! Vote Marianna Cimini as Best Young Fashion Designer!!! She is participating in the Muuse x Vogue Talents Young Vision Awards 2012 and needs your support. If she wins, she will have the chance to have a feature in and will develop a capsule collection for Muuse. Wuuse!!!!!!!!

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